how to stay safe while traveling abroad

How To Stay Safe While Traveling Abroad | International Travel Tips

Traveling to a new country can be very exciting. Having the opportunity to experience different cultures, meet new people, or try new foods is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. While you may be thinking of all the fun things you will be doing, great food you’ll be eating or cute outfits to pack, one thing you must take into consideration is your safety. As much as we like to wish that nothing bad would ever happen to us while vacationing, it’s important to know how to stay safe while traveling abroad. Read on to find out what we included in our list of travel safety tips. It’s better to be prepared now than to regret it later on. 

  1. Check the State Department website – The State Department website will usually post any known threats to visitors and display the level of caution to take before deciding to travel to that country. While you are at it, register for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. The program will notify the embassy of your arrival and keep you informed with the latest safety information.
  2. Familiarize yourself with common scams – Research the latest scams happening in the area you plan on visiting. Knowing ahead of time can protect you from being scammed out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 
  3. Have emergency information on hand – This is very important! Before you reach your desired destination, gather all the contact information such as local police stations, hospitals, and the nearest embassy. If you are ever in a situation where you may need assistance, you will have it on hand, ready to go. 
  4. Lock up your valuables – If you can, it’s better to leave your valuable belongings at home. However, there are some items you may need to travel with such as camera equipment or a laptop. Regular backpacks can be easily torn or ripped through, making it easier for thieves to grab what they need and run. Find yourself a secure slash-proof backpack to protect your belongings and never let that bag out of your sight!
  5. Get travel insurance – Anything can happen. Protect yourself in case of an injury or your personal belongings should they get stolen or destroyed. Research travel insurance options and find the one that best fits you.
  6. Talk to the locals – Get advice from locals about the area, best places to go, and neighborhoods to avoid. Most locals are pretty friendly. However, don’t just take the advice from one person. Get a second opinion just to be safe. When talking to locals, be sure to not give away too much information about your plans during your visit or where you will be staying. Be vague with your responses if they start asking more detailed questions. You don’t want to tip off potential robbers.
  7. Give your family/friends a copy of your itinerary – Make sure at least one or two people know where you are going to be, what your plans are for when you get there, and where you can be reached incase of an emergency. 
  8. Blend in with the locals – Be mindful of your outfit options. You’re already a tourist, you don’t want to make it super obvious. Look at how the locals dress and try to blend in as much as you can. The less you stick out the better.
  9. Learn basic self-defense – You don’t need to become a black-belt champion. Having a few tricks up your sleeve could become very useful if you are ever caught in a sticky situation. 
  10. Have fun, but not too much fun – Try to stay relatively sober when traveling to another country. You want to make sure you are fully aware of your surroundings at all times. Have fun, but stay hydrated and well fed.

Traveling to new countries and exploring new territories is an amazing experience. We hope our list of ways to stay safe while traveling has provided you with the comfort and confidence you need for your next adventure. Be sure to have all necessary documentation on hand (or tucked away safely) incase of emergencies. Need a copy of a birth certificate? VitalChek offers fast and secure services for all your official document needs.

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