How to Replace and Store Crucial Vital Documents

In June 6, 2016

When it comes to keeping your family safe, you might overlook the fact that keeping your important documents organized at home is also a key part of your safety. Keeping your vital documents tucked away and organized may seem unimportant but ensuring your critical records are safe will save you quite a bit of hassle in the future.

A few great tips for securing your vital documents are:

  • Consolidation – You might try to organize important documents in a binder. Things like marriage certificates, Social Security cards, medical directives and other documents like them should be organized and easy to look through. When you have your documents in order, the best place to store important documents is in a fireproof box or safe at home, or even better, in a safety deposit box.
  • Organization – Organizing your important papers and documents is important when it comes to quick decisions and travel. If you’re going to keep your documents at home or in a safety deposit box, you may want to organize the important data from each vital document on a spreadsheet. This master list will be helpful if all you’re looking for is specific information from your vital records. It’ll also save you time. No need to search through every document to find a number or date. Creating and important documents checklist can also help you stay organized. Knowing what documents you have or should have already and keeping an updated list of situations where you require the use of any of your documents is good to have on hand.
  • Back up your vital records – We live in the age of technology. This is very helpful in keeping your vital records safe. You can either scan and save the documents to a password protected program yourself or you can utilize the services of a company who will scan and store your documents for a fee. The best way to store documents online is going to be using a service that ensures your important personal information is secure and safe. Whether you’re more interested in how to store important paper documents or how to store important documents online, knowing that your vital records are safe and organized should give you peace of mind.
  • Make copies – If the option to use a copy of a vital document is allowed, it is advised to keep your originals at home and only present the copy. Leaving your paper copies safely locked away reduces the chance for loss or damage, and in many cases a copy of your vital document will suffice.

When you’ve decided where to keep important documents and you’ve organized them using a master list, you may have discovered you’re missing one or more of the essentials. For birth certificate replacement or marriage and death certificate replacement, can get your needs taken care of. If you’re looking to replace your social security card, contact your local social security office and give them a call, and passport information can be inquired about through the National Passport Information Center. These are just a few of the more common and important vital records you may need replaced, but keeping your documents organized and safe will help reduce the need for replacements.


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