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How to Get a Social Security Card for Baby

With the excitement of welcoming your new little one home, you and your loved ones are probably up to your ears in making adjustments and settling in to your new routine. It doesn’t matter either, if you’ve had prior experience or if this is your first child. Knowing (or remembering, as the case may be) all the details and important stuff can mean trying to coordinate sleep schedules, figuring out which size diaper is prime for every time of day, and nutrition plans (for baby….and you!) and navigating the documents can eat up a ton of your time and energy. It’s easy to get caught up in those special moments and even easier to push aside the stuff that isn’t as fun as new baby snuggles. When it comes to important appointments, birth certificates, social security card for baby, and even enrolling in your insurance plan, it can be confusing if you’re not sure where to start. Here’s a quick and simple explanation of what you’ll need in order to obtain an infant Social Security card.

How to obtain a Social Security Card for Baby

The most common place for women to give birth in the U.S. is at a recognized hospital or labor and delivery center. At these locations, new parents are typically asked to fill out a birth registration form. A birth registration form contains all pertinent data that the authorized facility will submit to the appropriate vital records office in their state. This form, which is filled out for every child born includes important identification information and is recorded to verify the birth. On this form, there is an option to request a social security card for baby. Once your baby’s birth registration form is submitted by the hospital or birthing center, the birth certificate and social security card for your child will be processed and ready in approximately four to five weeks. While your infant’s social security card should be mailed to you, you will need to obtain the birth certificate personally through the vital records office in the county your child was born in, or utilize a convenient online ordering service.

Most hospitals and birthing centers provide new mothers with a birth registration form. This allows new parents the option to order a social security card for baby by checking a box.

In the event that a delivery did not or could not take place in a hospital or parents were not given a birth registration form to complete, obtaining your child’s social security number requires a few more steps and should probably be done in person. You have the option to mail all your forms in, but you are required to provide the SSA (Social Security Administration) with original or certified copies of all vital records and identification documents. Because of this requirement, many people choose to visit the Social Security Office in person. The application process also takes much less time when the application you’re submitting is for an infant under one year of age. After your child reaches the one year mark, the SSA must do more leg work to verify your child’s identification.

  • Locate your nearest Social Security Administration’s office. You can find your nearest office by visiting this link.
  • Fill out form SS-5 (Application for a Social Security number). This can be done at home by printing out the form, or your local office location should have blank forms available when you arrive.
  • Have two separate documents to submit that prove your baby’s identity, age, and citizenship status. A certified copy of your baby’s birth certificate can be one, while a certified birth record can count as the second. You should also be able to use a religious record made of your child’s birth if you have that available to you. You will not be able to obtain an infant’s social security card without certified copies of these documents.
  • Have identification documents available to prove your own identity. Current (not expired) driver’s licenses and passports are the most accepted form of Identification, but in the event you don’t have these available to you, military ID cards and health insurance cards may be sufficient as secondary forms of ID.

While it is easiest and most convenient to request your child’s social security card while still a patient at the hospital, it’s understandable that not all parents will have that opportunity. Whether you choose to mail in your child’s social security number application or apply in person, you can expect your baby’s new card in the mail within four to five weeks, on average.

Regardless the avenue you choose to take when it comes to applying for a new social security card for your baby, you can bet you’ll need certified copies of some birth records to complete the process. VitalChek is a convenient and secure way to obtain those records and help complete this important step for your baby’s vital documents.


  1. Great article! Getting a card for my daughter was simple because my wife and I had all the paperwork ready..

  2. My name is Salvatore Mauro. I was born in the US on April **, 1975 in Brooklyn at ***** Hospital. My parents are Mauro ***** and Gina **** ****.
    I need to apply for my social security number and I was told at the US Consulate in Naples to apply for a birth certificate first and they gave me your website. I have tried
    several times but as soon as I finish the procedure, they ask for the last four digits of my social security number which, as said, I DO NOT HAVE, and this is the reason why I am
    asking for the birth certificate.
    I would very much appreciate if you could help me. My email address is ************.
    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible, since for personal reasons, I need the certificate and therefore the social security number asap.
    Here follows what I am told at the end of the application process:

    To help protect against identity theft and ensure important documents are issued only to the proper person, the following information is required to verify your identity. If we are unable to verify your identity electronically, you will be provided with further instructions to complete your order.
    Your Legal Name: *****
    Your Address: *****
    Your Date of Birth: *******
    Your Social Security Number: ****
    Social Security Number is invalid

    1. Thank you for your question Mauro. Given your specific situation, we will have one of our Customer Support Specialists reach out to you directly – likely via the email address you provided – to assist you with how best to obtain your birth certificate. Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. Best Regards.

      1. I have a similar problem: trying to order 3 birth certificates for my newborn daughter on

        All is fine until the page “VitalChek supports government agency efforts to protect your personal identity.” shows up.

        My SSN is claimed to be invalid (the red text “Social Security Number is invalid” appears), whereas it is definitely valid.

        Same problem occurs if my wife tries to order using her own SSN.

        Please reach out to me how I should proceed, I’m in a rush.


        1. Hello. We’re sorry to hear about the issues you encountered trying to complete your order. If you still need assistance, please contact us. The quickest way to reach us is via private message at You can also reach us by phone at 800-255-2414 or by email at

  3. Hi , While submitting birth registration form , i selected Hospital will apply SSN for my child. it is almost 4 weeks , i didn’t receive SSN card. When i checked with hospital they said they applied but when i checked at SSN office they said they didn’t receive any application on my child name .

    COuld someone help me how i will track it ? i don’t want to apply ssn now in person as it will result in 2 ssn numbers if hospital application also in progress.

    i need to apply passport assp as i have to travel back my country.

    1. Hello Neeraj. We are sorry to hear about your predicament. Unfortunayely , you will have to work this out with the hospital and the SS admin. It could be possible that the application was sent to SS admin and just hasn’t been looked at yet. See if you can find out an average processing time for a new SS card.

      1. We just adopted our son and received his birth her certificate. We were there for his birth but did not receive a hospital record. What forms do we need to take? We have his adoption decree, birth certificate, immunizations and insurance car. Do these work? Also does my husband have to have two forms of id? all he has is a drivers license.

        1. Hello Amanda. It would be best for you to contact the agency directly to determine what documentation you are required to provide.

  4. Hi, I am in the Military and service and my son was born yesterday 6nov2019. I wondering if there is another way to expedite my sons social security card because I have an Oders that I need to report in overseas 5 weeks from now. It is very crucial that I need to obtain his card for me to apply for his passport that’s going to take a few week and also to get his name in my Orders. I will have his Birth certificate tomorrow. What should I do to get his card ASAP?

    1. Hello Francisco. Congratulations on the birth of your son!Your best best will be to contact the Social Security Administration to see if they provide any means to have the issuance of your son’s SS card expedited.

  5. Hi I just had a baby, I got a social security for him after I got home from the hospital but Iost my wallet where all my credentials are now I want to apply for a replacement and I only have a photocopy of my Id, I also have the confirmation of birth from the hospital, can i use that with the photocopy of my ID?

    1. Hello Victoria. We are sorry to hear that you lost your wallet. For more information about requirements for replacing a SS Card, please click here to visit the Social Security Administration’s website.

  6. Hi! We (A Dutch couple) adopted our son and now want to apply for his SSN at one of the offices in the US. Do we all have to go there ( my husband, son, and myself) or can I go alone with all the original papers? We tried to mail and call the SS office but don’t get a reaction. Could you help us?

    1. Hello Jen. Unfortunately, we do not have answers to your questions and can only suggest you try to contact SSA again or reach out to the agency that handled the adoption.

      1. Unfortunately SSA don’t react in mail and we can’t call them from The Netherlands. The adoption is final so the agency can’t do anything for us. But thanks for your reply.

        1. Wish we could have been of assistance.

  7. I had my baby at home and was emailed the application for birth certificate and there was an option to check to get him a social security card, is that all i need to do to get him a ss card? check that box? or do i need to do more? thank you

    1. Hello Hannah. That should be all you need to do. I will probably take 4-5 weeks to receive the documents.

      1. thank you, i called the office of vital statistics because the ss office could not answer my question and the vitals office said i will have to go to ss office with birth cert. thank you though

  8. Hello Hannah,

    I live abroad and I lost my SS card. How can I apply for new one? Also, my daughter was born abroad and I got her citizenship and US passport from the embassy in Jordan but she does not have SSN, how can I get her one?

    1. Hello Yazeed. THanks for reaching out with your question. Please click here to visit the Social Security Administration website for more information on obtaining/replacing a social security card. Hope this helps!

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