How to Get a New Replacement Social Security Card

It is easy to put our belongings down and forget to pick them back up, especially when we are busy. This is how we do things like lose our car keys, misplace our cell phone, or leave our wallet at the grocery store. Normally, we get our belongings back even if we have misplaced them in public, but what happens when we misplace an item that can’t be replaced and it ends up permanently lost? This is a common question for people who lose their social security cards. While some people keep this item in a lock box or at home, some carry it with them in their purse or wallet. Losing a social security card is never good and you should always quickly apply for a new one. Follow these directions on how to get a new replacement social security card.

  1. Find the nearest social security office to you by looking here.
  2. Print out the downloadable application for a social security card and fill it out. You should only write in blue or black ink. Be sure to sign the application otherwise it will be denied.
  3. Gather important vital records. You will be required to show proof of citizenship, identity and age. You can use a U.S. birth certificate or passport for proof of citizenship and age. You can use a U.S. driver’s license, passport, or state issued ID card as proof of identity. You must have at least TWO of these items, as you can only use one document for two purposes. You may also be able to use an employee ID card, school ID card, health insurance card, or a U.S. military ID card as proof of identity as well.
  4. Mail or take your application and documents to the social security office nearest you.
  5. It will generally take around 10 days to receive your social security card.

Having your social security card is important for many different reasons. You will need your social security number to gain employment, do your taxes, or collect social security payments. Replacing your card is free so there is no reason why you should put this important errand off any longer! If you need help obtaining proof of citizenship or age, visit the VitalChek online birth certificate order platform.


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