How to fly home for the holidays

How to Fly Home for the Holidays

In October 8, 2018

If you’re already wondering how to fly home for the holidays this year without breaking the bank or experiencing travel delays, we’ve got you covered. While we can’t help you control the weather for your planned travel dates, we can give you plenty of travel tips to make traveling this holiday season better than years prior. Whether you’re a study abroad student, military personnel, or a common citizen looking to visit family on the opposite coast get ready to start planning out your holiday travel.


While it is no secret that flying long distances over the holidays can quickly increase your airfare, it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. September into early October is often the best time to book a flight ahead of the holidays with prices only increasing the closer you get holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Stumbling onto planning your holiday airfare a little bit last minute this year? Try using flexible flying dates and flexible airport departure/arrival locations when researching airfare; you may be surprised at just how much savings you can still find through this method. Pair flexible flight days and locations with even more flexibility on flight departure time for the best savings. Those early morning or late night flights may not be exactly what you had in mind but they could also save you hundreds in airfare compared to the more popular midday flights.


Another option is to explore multi-city flights as opposed to roundtrip flights within the same airline. If you’ll be traveling internationally this holiday, it only makes sense to think about this option as you’ll likely have at least one layover. Remember when we said to also be flexible with your dates? That still applies here too! Use the multi-city trip planner to explore options that have you leaving on different days of the week leading up to your holiday. And if you can take an extra day or two added onto your travel, don’t be afraid to spend a little bit of extra time exploring a layover city. It isn’t uncommon for multi-city flights paired with a hotel or Airbnb rental to still leave you paying less than you would have with a direct or round trip flight.


If you’ll be traveling home for the holidays as active or retired military personnel or as the family of military personnel, there are also financial assistance programs available for holiday travel. These air travel assistance programs range in availability and offerings but all aim to bring military families together during the most important times.


You’ll want to start planning out how to fly home for the holidays ASAP in order to increase your odds of finding great deals. Once you have your flight booked be sure you start making a travel checklist to keep yourself organized leading up to your travel dates. And of course don’t forget  to plan ahead to ship any gifts that won’t fit in your checked or carry on baggage! For more tips on traveling internationally, be sure to check out the travel section of the VitalChek blog!

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