How to Apply for a Birth Certificate Online

In the U.S., from the moment we’re born, our birth certificates are arguably most important form of identity we’ll ever obtain. Issued by the office of vital records in the county and/or state we were born, our birth certificate holds important details about who we are. Whether you’re looking to order a certified copy for a new addition to your family, or you’re an adult looking to obtain an official copy for another reason, we’ll walk you through how to apply for a birth certificate online, and help you learn about any documents you may need on hand in order to complete the process.

Reasons You May Need a Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate

The obvious reason someone may need a birth certificate is the birth of a new family member. Once upon a time, birth certificates would be issued at the hospital when your newborn was ready to head home.These days, you or your spouse will fill out a registration of birth form and the hospital staff will submit it to the appropriate vital records office on your behalf. If you have given birth in an environment other than a hospital or delivery center, you’ll need to ensure you obtain a copy of this form and submit it yourself. The birth registration form contains all pertinent data that the authorized facility needs to submit to record the details and identity of each newborn baby. Once the vital records office has registered the birth, you can then submit a request for a copy of the birth certificate.

ordering a birth certificate online

Knowing how to apply for a birth certificate online can make obtaining a certified copy so much easier!

As an adult, you may find yourself in need of a certified copy of your birth certificate for a few reasons. Typically, parents are the ones handling school enrollment. It sometimes happens that as families move, or adult children move away from home, vital records can be lost in the shuffle. Once you’re old enough to go out and get a job, travel or even join the military, you may need to provide an official copy of your birth certificate. There are several other reasons you may need an official copy of your birth certificate, but even if you don’t need one immediately, it’s never a bad idea to have one on hand.

How to Apply for a Birth Certificate Online

While you may have the option of going in person to the vital records office that issued your birth certificate in the first place, we understand that is not always the easiest or best option. With technology and online ordering, knowing how to apply for vital records online can make obtaining the documents you need easy. If you are unable to visit the vital records office that issued your original birth certificate, follow these steps to apply for a birth certificate online.

  1. First, visit to get started. VitalChek is the authorized online ordering service for hundreds of government vital records agencies across the nation. What does that mean?   It means these agencies have approved and deemed VitalChek secure for helping U.S. citizens obtain certified copies of their vital records online.
  2. You will be prompted to answer specific questions about the certificate you are requesting, including questions about where and when the person was born and full legal names of all persons on the birth certificate. Additionally, you may be required to answer questions to validate your identity, which help ensure that you are ordering the correct vital records and that you are legally entitled to do so.
  3. In some cases, you may be required to complete an identity verification document. If you’re prompted to download and print an identity verification document, this means the government agency issuing your new birth certificate copy wants added verification that the document you are ordering is for you, and does not fall into the wrong hands. To learn the next steps on uploading an identity verification document, please watch the short video below.
  4. Once you’ve answered all questions to help confirm your identity, you’re ready to complete your order. VitalChek will gather your payment information and submit your request to the applicable government vital records agency to complete and fulfill your order.
  5. Now all that’s required of you is to sit back and wait for your vital records to arrive safely and conveniently by mail!

At VitalChek, we take your personal identity very seriously. That’s why our process is designed to ensure your vital records and information are kept secure and the correct vital records get to the correct customer. Knowing how to apply for a birth certificate online is extremely helpful to those individuals who have moved away or may not have the time to get out to the vital records office!


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