How do you register to vote

How Do You Register to Vote? | The Where, What, and How

It’s almost that time again! Election time is coming up fast and we all know the best way to voice our concerns and make a difference is by heading to the polls. For most people over 18 registering to vote is behind us, but if you’ve not had the chance to register, have recently moved, or you’re nearing your 18th birthday, you might be looking to register so you can have a voice. For teenagers, the question “how do you register to vote?” may be at the forefront of your mind. After all, there are some pressing issues you may want to have a say in when it comes to politics. With national voter registration day coming up, knowing what your options are and where to register might be a big deal to you. If you didn’t know, registering to vote online is simple and convenient, and it’ll get you the opportunity to vote without the hassle of heading to a registration location. 

How do you register to vote?

There are 38 states including the District of Columbia that allow online voter registration. You can find a complete list here. If your state does not allow registering to vote online, you will need to seek out a physical location near you that can help you sign up and register. A great resource you can utilize to determine what your state’s registration rules are is There, they can tell you if your state allows online voter registration, or if a mail in application is acceptable. It can also help you find voter registration locations if you’ll need to physically register in person. In person locations typically include your local DMV, Armed Forces recruitment centers, and public assistance offices. 

Mailing in your voter registration application is also an option. You can download and print your National Mail Voter Registration Form and mail it in. It is available in 15 different languages, and while on the site, you can verify state regulations and rules regarding mail in voter registration. 

It’s important to know your state’s specific voter registration deadline. Some states require registration as far as one month before polling dates. It is also important to make note of your polling location. In many states, you are assigned a specific location to vote in person. All states have absentee ballots, which means you can mail in your ballot in the event you won’t be home on election day. In order to ensure you meet all residency, age and other voter requirements, check with your state’s election office for a list of your state’s voter guidelines. 

What type of ID do I need to register to vote?

When it comes to registering to vote, a state issued ID or the last 4 digits of your social security number may be enough to process your application. In some instances, if you do not have those forms of ID available, you may be issued a provisional ballot. The more important situation in which you’ll need to have a primary form of ID available is when you actually cast your ballot. For a full list of acceptable forms of identification by state, both for In-Person and Absentee ballots, you can check out’s page here.

Registering to vote online might be the easy and convenient way to get your voter registration complete!

Casting your vote can be the most effective way to voice your opinion and make change happen. While the process might seem confusing, at the end of the day knowing how to register to vote is a great first step in getting your voice out there. Registering to vote online or in person doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. Hopefully we’ve given you some great resources to make sure you’re fully prepared and ready to vote!

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