Happy Clean Off Your Desk Day: 10 Tips for Keeping Your Office Organized

In January 11, 2016
  • When you get to work, chances are, cleaning your desk is the last thing on your mind. Between meetings, phone calls, emails, and actually getting your work done, there is not a lot of free time for office organization. Setting up your office to help you get your work done in a more efficient manner can help you in the long run, so it may be worth setting aside 30 minutes to better organize your office. Here are 10 easy tips for keeping your office, home or at work, organized.
  • Start by cleaning off the top of your desk. This includes throwing out any old notes you no longer need, use a dust cloth to wipe down your desk, computer, and any desk accessories, use a cleaner to wipe remove any coffee rings or spills, and get a can of air to clean out your keyboard.
  • Now that the top of your desk is clean, it is time to tackle the inside of your desk. Start by going through any files and throwing away what you do not need or what can be scanned to your computer. Take a look at any junk you have tossed in the drawers too!
  • Figure out what organizational accessories you need to keep your desk clean. Do you need a pencil holder? File organizers? Post-its? Put in an order with your HR department to see if you can get these items for free!
  • Try setting up a space to keep papers and a space to keep your computer on your desk. Keeping these two areas separate can help you keep your desk organized for longer periods of time.
  • Organize electrical cords with zip ties running out of the way of your feet when you are sitting and also out of sight. If you want an even sleeker way of hiding wires, you can use a cord protector or tubing.
  • Keep a trash can near or under your desk so you can easily toss trash away instead of letting it pile up on or around your desk.
  • Use binder clips to keep your files separated by category written on the clip or by color coding.
  • Take your organization online and to your email inbox. Set up rules that send junk mail from known senders to your junk box, ones that send important emails from clients or your boss into a high priority box, and so on.
  • Do you have open wall space? Put velcro on accessories like a stapler, ruler, or scissors and attach it on the wall. Now you can hang these items up and out of the way!
  • Clean out your laptop bag or purse which you take with you every day to and from work. Get rid of old receipts, gum wrappers, spare change, etc. This will help make your work bag lighter and your commute easier!

Take some time to get yourself organized at work during the first quarter so you can move forward with a clear mind and new focus. Follow these simple tips to get you on your way to a more organized workspace and a more productive 2016!


  1. I really like your office organization tip about making use of the wall space. My desk is right next to the wall and I think that it would be really unique to use velcro. Not only would it look cool but it’d make my space look much more clean that it currently is.

  2. Great useful tips. Our office is well organized and always clean and hygiene that we have a natural office cleansing wipes in the wall to clean our desk or coffee rings. Thanks for sharing a useful post.

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