How to get bereavement airfare

How to Get Bereavement Airline Fares

In January 23, 2018

After the loss of a loved one, planning travel arrangements for yourself and other family members that do not live close by is a time-sensitive matter. For some however, it may not be as simple as booking the next flight out of their nearest airport. Financial limitations are common for many people but bereavement airline fares can help ease those worries. While the number of airlines that offer bereavement fares has decreased, there are still a few popular airlines that offer discounted airfare in the event of a family death. Here is where and how bereavement airline fares work, and few other tips on how to secure an affordable flight in case of a family emergency.


Airlines That Offer Bereavement Fare

  • Delta offers bereavement airline fares but the prices vary by location. These fares are available for both the imminent death and actual death of a family member and must be made by calling Delta directly. The numbers to call are 800-221-1212 for domestic travel and 800-241-4141 for international travel. Learn more about Delta’s bereavement fare policy here.
  • Air Canada offers bereavement flight discounts on flights operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada Express. However, they do have limitations on travel times and lengths. They are also candid about how bereavement fares may not be the lowest available for your travel. To inquire about and book these tickets, you will need to call Air Canada Reservations at 1-888-247-2262. To learn more about Air Canada’s bereavement policy click here.
  •  Lufthansa offers bereavement fares within the United States and Canada. They require you to call their customer service line to book these flights and to learn more about the types of discounts available. In the United States you can call 1-954-635-4549 and in Canada you can call 1-514-673-7286. Visit for more information.
  • WestJet offers bereavement fares to immediately family members who are traveling to a funeral. They also extend their bereavement airline fares to guests who are traveling to the funeral of firefighters, police officers, military personnel and other emergency service personnel who died in the line of duty. They encourage you to first search online for an affordable flight, if none can be found you can then call 1-888-937-8538 to speak with a customer representative.
  • While JetBlue does not state their bereavement policy online, some flights may qualify for a discount due to the death of an immediate family member. Discounts are often small but calling to speak with a customer service representative can help you find the most affordable option with or without a discount. You can call 1-800-538-2583 to speak with a JetBlue reservation agent.


Whether or not you can find an affordable flight online, it is always a good idea to try calling an airline’s customer service line. The airline representatives can help you figure out which dates, airports, and routes are the most affordable. However, if none of the airlines that fly out of your area offer any discounts, there is still hope. These are a few of the tips you can follow to find an affordable, last minute flight.


  • Consider driving to a larger airport that is further away to get a more affordable flight. Most major airports have better deals than smaller airports.
  • Check out airline package deals that include a flight, hotel stay, and car rental. Many times these bundles include discounts that might be even better than any bereavement discounts.
  • Be sure to check out discounted airlines such as Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. While they may not include a lot of extras in their basic airfare prices, they can save you money.
  • Ask a friend or family member if they have available airline points that they can give or lend you for your emergency travel.


Following these tips can help you get bereavement airline fare or an even better price. Once you’ve found your airfare, you should also be aware of what the next steps are for settling a loved ones open accounts. Our post on steps to take after a loved one dies may be a good place to start.

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