fun vacations with tax refund

Fun Vacations with your Tax Refund

The day you get your tax refund is a beautiful day. The little extra boost in that month’s spending money can be helpful for home improvements, paying bills, or going on a fun vacation. If you like living life with a little more adventure, chances are you prefer going on a vacation with your tax refund money. Find vacation inspiration through these methods of travel and top destinations.

  • Take a break from winter and find a cruise that departs from the port closest to your home. Visiting a Caribbean destination is like visiting a little piece of paradise, and doing so on a cruise provides for entertainment and many dining options during all hours of your trip. Cruising is a great choice for families, or a group of friends, looking to truly relax on vacation without a worry in the world. Some of the top Caribbean cruising destinations are the British Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, and the Bahamas.
  • Stay connected with nature and visit Colorado to complete a fourteener at Mount Elbert, the highest summit of the North American Rocky Mountains at 14,440 feet.  Many people love the challenges that hiking can provide and also find it relaxing to be away from the office and disconnected from the digital world. Colorado has the majority of fourteeners (a mountain that meets or exceeds an elevation of 14,000 feet above sea level) in the contiguous United States, and also has luxury lodging options including hot springs at many locations. Hot springs are known for their restorative mineral rich waters that soothe and detox the body. The Mount Princeton Hot Springs will give you the ultimate relaxation experience.
  • Enjoy one of the top entertainment destinations like New Orleans, also known as NOLA, which has so much to offer. It can serve well for families, singles, or couples who are looking to relax, explore historical spots, party, or enjoy some of the best rated restaurants.  You can stay in a modern luxury hotel such as the Lowes New Orleans Hotel, or in a historical Bed and Breakfast such as Avenue Inn. You can visit the Garden District, listen to jazz on Frenchman Street, have a drink on Bourbon Street, view local art work for sale in Jefferson Square, or all of the above.

Tax season just got a lot more fun now that you know you can use your tax refund to plan one of these trips! Make sure that you have all of the proper documentation you need to travel safely – both internationally and within the United States. If you need your birth certificate as part of your travels, visit to place an order to obtain your personal documentation.


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