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Flying to See a Football Game | Tailgating Done Right

Football, one of America’s favorite sports, is a game about gaining territory as much as it is about scoring points. It’s about two teams stepping onto a football field, each battling for every inch it can take from the other. Each team wants to defend the field that is behind it and invade the field in front of it. They will stop at nothing to gain enough ground to score a touchdown or field goal. The most important part of football? The fans. Without them, football just wouldn’t be football. Die-hard fans will endure anything to support their teams from braving bad weather to paying outrageous prices for beer to traveling long distances to see a football game, all in hopes of cheering their team to victory. 

dedicated football fans
There is no stronger bond than a fan and their favorite football team.

Football fans are some of the most dedicated people out there. According to this survey, “the average NFL fan dedicates 46 hours a month to their team…and that doesn’t even include time spent watching games.” That’s just the amount of time we spend “thinking, talking, or reading” about our favorite team each month.  So, about one-and-a-half hours a day, on average. Here are five more stats from the survey…

1.  84% of fans say they drop everything when their team is playing, so they can just focus on the game.

2.  79% of fans have rooted for the same team since they were a kid.

3.  41% have watched every single one of their team’s games this year.

4.  The top 5 “life moments” we’ve missed to watch football are a birthday party, holiday event, church, school or work, and an anniversary.

5. Here’s how blindly confident we all are: 75% of all NFL fans feel confident their team will win the Super Bowl next year.”

With so many fans wanting to travel to watch their team take the win, United Airlines is offering additional flights for football fans to be able to watch the games live. The airline added around 10,000 additional seats between its hubs and popular game destinations this year, with more flight options to games across the U.S.

tailgating parties
Get in on the action. Attend some of the most epic tailgating parties out there.

The fan’s dedication to the game isn’t the only thing that makes football so great. The epic tailgating parties are what really fuels the entire gaming experience. Usually taking place in the parking lot before the game, tailgate parties give fans a chance to gather around a grill with friends and family to chow down on great food, pounce cold beers and prepare for the excitement ahead. 

If you plan on flying to see a football game, check out this list for some of the best tailgating parties you’ll find. If you want to keep it local, you better not show up empty handed. Search for tasty tailgating recipes to make or use one of the recipes we’ve provided for you. First time tailgating? Check out American Tailgater. They will provide you with all the supplies and equipment you need for one epic tailgating party. 

Grab your favorite jersey, your friends, and your identification (make sure it’s a Real ID or passport and compliant with flying regulations) and fly out to see your team in action. Make sure all your documents are up-to-date. If you need help, let us know! VitalChek can provide you with any vital records you need quickly and securely. Go team!

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