Enrolling in public school after homeschooling

Enrolling in Public School After Homeschooling

When we think back to our school years, many of us can recall a friend that was pulled out of public school at some point in their education because their parents decided to homeschool them. Or perhaps you befriended the new kid who was enrolled in public school after being homeschooled for some time. The number of homeschooled children has been steadily increasing each year, with the expectations that numbers will continue to rise. However, there are many reasons why a parent might decide to have their children educated in public school vs. homeschooling them.

Enrolling in public school after homeschooling

There are pros and cons to both public school and homeschooling. Once you decide on enrolling in public school after homeschooling, you might have doubts on if you’re making the best decision for your child. We’d like to reassure you that you have your child’s best interests at heart. To help solidify your decision, we’ve gathered some of the pros of public school:

  • More time for parents to be parents! – Rest assured that while your kids are in school during the day, this will free up some of your time for you to focus on being a parent, as well as enjoying some free time as well.
  • Social interaction – Public school gives your child the opportunity to interact with their peers who all have different personalities and backgrounds. They will also have the opportunity to interact with different adults and authority figures.
  • Independence – When children need to keep track of their own class schedules and ensure they get to class on time, they are learning to be independent and also when to ask for help!
  • Funds – Homeschool curriculums can be costly. Children who go to public school will need supplies once or twice a year, but the costs tend to net out in your favor for public school vs. homeschooling.

Now the question is, how do I go about enrolling my child and how can I help transition them? These are great questions, and it’s important to get ahead of the game to make sure you aren’t stressing the details while helping your child to adjust as well. We have two excellent blogs with more information on Back To School Return Dates Across The Nation and School Registration – How Do I Get Started?. These are great places to start on when public school starts in your area, as well as what the actual process is for registering.

Once you have the nitty gritty details hammered out, the next step will be to focus on your child. Keep in mind that this will be a big adjustment for them, and depending on how sensitive your child is to change, it can create a few challenges you’ll want to be ready to handle. We’ve chosen the three biggest hurdles you might face after enrolling your child in public school and how you can help them to adjust.

Enrolling in Public School After Homeschooling


Shifting from a homeschooling environment will often mean more structure for your child. Every household is different, so this might not be as big an adjustment as you think. Consider how your child’s schedule is right now. When does he/she do school work? How flexible is their schedule? Any adjustments you can make ahead of time to prepare them for their new public school routine will help ease the transition.

Public school schedules might be different than what your child is used to at home.


When your child is working on their studies at home now, how quiet is their environment? Does your child have loud siblings running around throughout the day, or are they an only child who is used to working in a quiet space? If it’s the latter, public school will be an adjustment due to the sizes of the classrooms and how boisterous the other kids are. Discuss this with your child, and again, try to prep for this change beforehand so it isn’t a shock to them on their first day.

Public school environment

Is your child ready for a big classroom?


This is a big one! Is your child a strong communicator? Think about how they respond when they are having difficulty with something, whether it’s interacting with other children or adults, or how they respond when they don’t understand their homework. Either way, prepare your child to make sure they understand how to speak up when they need help or even just to stick up for themselves in social situations. For public school, this will be especially important for communicating with their teachers if they don’t understand the subject and need more help. It’s a little bit easier when your teacher is one of your parents! Communication will also be vital when making friends at their new school.

Child talking to teacher

Discuss communication with your child before enrolling them in public school.

There you have it! We wish you and your child all the best as they transition into a new school. Enrolling in public school after homeschooling can feel like a huge jump, especially to them, so we hope this information helped you figure out the best way to prepare your family. If you need any assistance with vital records, like a birth certificate for enrolling your child in school, VitalChek is here to help.


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