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Educational Vacations and Trips for Families

While travel may currently be significantly curtailed, we are all hopeful that later this year the opportunity to jump on a plane and get back to seeing the world will open up again. Often times, parents utilize educational vacations to expand their family’s insight and world views. Educational trips for families can introduce learning students to a vast array of cultures and experiences, as well as help develop a more extensive view of the world. Whether you’re planning a trip later this year or gearing up for a trip next year, these exciting educational opportunities can enhance greater learning. There are perfect destinations all over the world to help you incorporate family fun, exotic locations, and a plethora of learning material!

learning vacations
Learning vacations can be loads of fun while opening up all kinds of learning opportunities!

Educational Vacations – The Best Trips to Plan

If your family vacation needs to incorporate learning opportunities, there are plenty of fantastic and intriguing destinations to consider. While the U.S. presents some amazing places to visit when an educational vacation is your goal, there are also overseas spots that can contribute some amazing lessons and incorporate your need for a laid back blissful stay. We’ve put together a few great recommendations that can offer a slice of heaven paired up with a side of education!

  • Costa Rica – It may seem a bit exotic for an educational trip, but don’t be fooled. If a nice tropical stay is your priority, you have sandy beaches, warm temps and great food and culture. If you’d like to introduce your family to some exotic wildlife, Costa Rica is a fantastic place to check out. Not only are there snorkeling adventures, but places like La Paz Waterfall Gardens can also get you up close and personal with vibrant wildlife and lush forests. 
learning vacations and trips
Learning vacations are also abundant overseas – for example check out the animals at La Paz Waterfall Gardens in Costa Rica for a hands on and up close experience with some of the local wildlife!
  • Indianapolis, Indiana – Home to the nation’s largest children’s museum, the great city of Indianapolis can definitely keep your family captivated for a few days. You can also check out their zoo, the speedway, go on a canal walk, check out the city market and even take a peek at some of their historic districts. 
  • Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia – Visiting this area should definitely be on your list for learning vacations! Learn about the American revolution, life during colonial times, and watch reenactments daily. If you want to spread out your trip a bit, you can pack in some amazing sites as you travel north from Virginia. Head up to D.C. for a sleepover at one of the Smithsonian museums or to visit multiple monuments and other museums in that area. 
educational trip at colonial williamsburg
Two 1700 era wagons at Colonial Williamsburg. Great educational trip ideas include stopping by the east coast to check out many of its historical sites!
  • Rome, Italy – This may not be the perfect trip if you have grade school-aged kiddos, but if they’re interested in learning, this could be a great international destination. Not only can you immerse your family in culture and delicious food, but you also have a plethora of museums and learning opportunities at your fingertips. If you feel like fitting in a bit more scenery, it’s easy enough to travel around Europe and check out even more amazing historical sites and museums. 
  • Redwood National Park – California has many amazing opportunities to offer when it comes to planning an educational trip and the Redwood National Park might be a great place to start. Check out some of the oldest living trees on the planet, hit the coast and experience beach lodging. Then you can head south to San Francisco with all of it’s amazing sites. 

You have tons of places to check out if you’re committed to planning a learning vacation, so by no means do we think this list is complete! Remember that if you’re planning one of your family vacations overseas, you’ll want to acquire a passport for your kids under 18 too. To start the process, make sure you have an official copy of your child’s birth certificate on hand for passport applications. No matter where you go we hope you have a great, relaxing but educational vacation!


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