TSA Precheck Required Documents

Documents Needed for TSA Precheck

How many times have you found yourself in a long TSA line, only to see the people in the TSA Precheck line breezing through airport security? We have all been there! If you’re done sitting in the long security line and are ready to sign up for precheck status you’ll want to make sure you have all of your documentation ready prior to filling out your application. Officially known as TSA Pre✓®, it’s the option to go through a pre-screening process and be assigned a Known Traveler Number (KTN) that allows you faster security line options at TSA Precheck participating airports. To apply, you need specific TSA Precheck documents, similar to the documents you need to bring to the DMV, with a few minor differences.


First, you must be a U.S. Citizen or lawful U.S. permanent resident to apply for TSA Precheck. If you meet these requirements, you will be expected to have the following TSA Precheck documents with you at the time of your in-person interview.


  • A valid government issued photo ID such as a U.S. Passport, driver’s license, or state I.D. card
  • A valid government issued birth certificate


TSA Precheck required documents can also include a marriage certificate if your birth certificate has your maiden name on it and your driver’s license has your married name on it. If you are unsure if you will be required to show additional documentation, you can check here to learn more about required documents for TSA Precheck based on your name status and document type.


Once you have your documents ready, you can visit the TSA website to fill out your online application and set up an appointment at an application center near you. During your enrollment appointment you will be fingerprinted and will be expected to show your required documents, as well as answer personal and travel related interview questions. This entire process is completed in under an hour. Much like when you apply for a passport, you will be expected to pay by credit card, money order, company check, or certified/cashier’s check. The TSA will not accept any other forms of payments, so make sure you have one of these payment types. Your Known Traveler Number (KTN) will arrive in the mail no more than 45 days after your appointment if you are approved. You can check your approval status here.


If you need any help obtaining a birth certificate or marriage certificate to show as proof of I.D. you can easily order them online from VitalChek.com. Once you have all of your TSA Precheck documents ready to go and receive your KTN, you can finally avoid the long TSA lines and enjoy the speedy TSA Precheck lanes!


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