Documents Needed for Personal Identity Verification

You may have heard about personal identity verification cards or PIV cards. These are personal data smart cards given out by the United States government to employees and contractors who will need permissions to access to federal facilities to do their job. These cards are relatively new and have been in use since 2005. Prior to using personal identity verification cards, there was not a standardized ID badge for anyone who needed access to federal buildings. This was an obvious security issue and the creation of PIV cards was the solution. They provided a centralized way to verify an employee’s personal data and identity throughout all federal facilities with almost no room for error. If you need to go through the process of obtaining your PIV card, here are the steps you will take to complete the registration.

PIV Process Overview

  1. Badge Request – an applicant must first request a badge with the help of a sponsor
  2. Identity verification and enrollment – You will need to prove your identity through proper documentation and must have your photo taken as well as your finger prints taken at the registrar. This data will then be put into the PIV system.
  3. Background Check – Next there will be a background check to verify all information and to be sure you are eligible for a PIV card.
  4. Get The Badge – once your identity has been verified and you have passed your background check, your personal PIV card will be issued.

Documents Needed for Personal Identity Verification

During step 2 of the process, you will be required to prove your identity. These documents will vary depending on whether or not you have your original name or if you have changed your name. However, for anyone with no name change you will be required to provide TWO documents in their original form proving your identity.

You must provide at least ONE original document(s) from this list:

    • U.S. Passport
    • Certificate of U.S. Citizenship
    • Certificate of Naturalization
    • Unexpired Foreign Passport with either an I-551 stamp OR I-94 form attached
    • Permanent Resident Card OR Alien Registration Card with Photograph
    • Current Temporary Resident Card

You can provide ONE original document from this list as your second form of proof:

    • U.S. Social Security Card
    • Certificate of Birth Abroad
    • ID Card Issued by Federal, State, or Local Government(must contain photograph)
    • Voters registration Card
    • Reentry Permit
    • U.S Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card
    • Refugee Travel Document
    • Employment Authorization Document from DHS
    • Native American Tribal Document

If you have changed your name and it no longer matches the name on any of these original documents, you must also provide an original document proving the legal name change. One example of an acceptable form of legal name change document is a marriage certificate or license.

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