do you need a passport to get into canada

Do You Need a Passport to Get Into Canada?

Do you need a passport to get into Canada? This question is one most people probably don’t think about. Oftentimes, travelers may forget to consider what sort of travel documents they may need when traveling to countries adjoining the U.S. For example, in order to travel to Mexico by car, you can drive across the border with just a driver’s license. But in order to fly to Mexico you’ll need a passport. Likewise, if you’re planning a cruise, the type of ID you’ll be allowed to use will depend on where your ship is traveling and if it’s a closed circuit or not. So what ID do you need to get into Canada? It may be less stringent than you think. 

Do You Need a Passport to Get Into Canada?

Since 2004, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) has been in effect to help mandate and better secure documentation of travelers into and from Canada. With this mandate, Canada requires travelers from the U.S. who choose to fly to have a passport for their return visit. If you’re driving or choose to arrive by boat, you won’t need to present a passport, though we recommend having one regardless. 

what ID do you need to get into Canada
What ID do you need to get into Canada? In some cases, a birth certificate and a photo ID will suffice.

So if you aren’t required to carry a passport to get into Canada by port or by border crossing, what documentation do you need? Simply put, you’ll need documentation of U.S. citizenship, and a government issued photo ID. Proof of citizenship can include a certified copy of your birth certificate, or a certificate of citizenship or naturalization. You can check the Travel.Gov website for other official forms of citizenship

You may also utilize the Nexus program. With the proper documentation and application, a Nexus card grants U.S. and Canadian citizens expedited processing when traveling by air, boat or at border crossings. Once obtained, it serves as a passport, proof of citizenship and photo ID. Being a Nexus card holder means you merely present your card at border crossings and scan your card at kiosks in airports. Another added benefit to being a Nexus card holder is your automatic inclusion in the TSA precheck program. You can learn more about the Nexus card on the customs and border patrol website here. Residents of New York are no longer eligible to renew or apply for trusted traveler programs such as these due to new legislation that blocks the CBP from accessing criminal records

Currently, due to the COVID19 pandemic, non-essential travel into and from Canada to the U.S. has been halted. Depending on your particular situation, access to travel into Canada is on hold until further notice. If you’re a U.S. citizen in Canada on any sort of work or student visa, you can apply for extensions by contacting the Canadian customs and border agency.

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