Cyber Security – 5 Things you Should Be Aware Of

In October 5, 2015

The digital age has opened a whole world of opportunities for many different people. We can now use our phones to get our airline tickets scanned or even to pay for our coffee. Simply said, we use a plastic card to pay for everything we could ever want either online or at a store. Nowadays, we expect to be able to do these types of transactions, as paying with cash or checks has taken the back seat. While this on convenient, this also means we have to be more responsible about our own cyber security. It is no secret that major stores, web browsers, and other companies have experienced data breaches in the past. Keeping your personal data safe means being aware of the cyber dangers out there and being prepared for them. When it comes to cyber security awareness, here are the top 5 internet safety tips.

  • Track your digital footprint to raise your own cyber security awareness. Remember that nothing is truly anonymous on the internet. Keep important personal information off of social media, be careful of what auto-fill options you have set on your computer, and never give out any bank information or personal data over email or online messaging systems. Also keep in mind that just because you deleted an embarrassing social media post doesn’t mean it can’t be found again. Be aware of your actions online and always look for trust signals that show a secure network connection for any personal data or payment options. You can look for “https” in the website URL which indicates a secure connection that is harder for a hacker to breach.
  • Turn off the automatic download option from your email to ensure internet safety. A large amount of emails you receive will be spam and you do not want to open any malicious links that could either steal your personal data such as passwords or credit card information. You should also never click on a link you are unsure of to avoid downloading a computer virus that could destroy it and cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Be sure your computer is up-to-date with antimalware and antivirus software. This will help keep your personal data that is stored on your laptop safe. Also be sure to run regular reports to make sure nothing suspicious has slipped through the cracks.
  • Treat your mobile phone just as you would your laptop. Connect to secure networks and be careful when filling out personal information. Do not click on any clinks that are sent to you from an unknown person via email, text, or over social media.
  • Password protect your data. Use passwords that are hard for someone else to decrypt. Passwords should never be personal like a name or birthdate. They should always include lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

If you follow these cyber security tips, you’ll be on the right path to safety on the internet. These helpful tips apply for ordering online as well as just simple browsing. At VitalChek, we use secure connections to encrypt your personal data in order to keep it safe! Contact us if you would like to find out more about our VitalChek services.

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