Creative Ways to Save Money When Traveling

Getting the chance to travel is a luxury not everyone can afford. For some, planning their dream trip takes years of saving and planning. Plane tickets and lodging arrangements easily add up and make traveling to unique or faraway places a financial nightmare. This is why being money savvy is key for the inexperienced and money conscious traveler. It may sound hard, but saving money while traveling is not as hard as you may think! Follow these creative ways to save money when traveling so you can enjoy plenty of new experiences without draining your bank account.

Saving Money on Flights:

  • Do your research on flight prices. Try visiting airline websites directly and also using discount sites. You may be surprised to find out that not all discount websites offer the best deals 100% of the time. Consider setting up alerts for price surges or declines as well.
  • Be prepared to have a connection for your flight. While they aren’t ideal, having one or more connections can save you a lot of money when flying.
  • Consider opting for a longer layover time or having a layover of a day or more and exploring the city your connection is in. You get to see more than one city and save money on your flight!
  • Never buy a one way ticket. Even if you are traveling to more than one city, use the multi city functionality. This will allow you to still purchase a round trip ticket which is often far less expensive.

Save money on lodging:

  • If you will be staying in a major city, consider staying in a town just outside the city borders. This can help save a ton of money on accommodations.
  • Think about using Airbnb or Couchsurfing for your stay. Both services offer a wide variety of accommodations which are normally much more affordable compared to a hotel. They also give you the chance to stay where locals would normally stay, giving you a more authentic experience.
  • Research hostels in the location you will be visiting. Not all hostels are group or dorm style living. Some hostels offer private rooms for just a small amount more than a shared room.

Save money on food:

  • Try to cook for yourself if possible. Whether you have a suite which has a kitchen in it or are using Airbnb and have access to a full kitchen, this can help save tons of money! Make a hearty breakfast and pack snacks for throughout the day so you don’t waste money on expensive treats.
  • Plan out your meals and allow yourself to enjoy local culinary experiences either once a day, once every other day, or limit yourself to one really nice meal on your trip. Regardless of which method you pick, it will help save money when you have a plan set in stone.
  • Look for lunch deals and avoid large pricey dinners. Many restaurants will offer a lunch special, which means you get more meal for less money!

Saving money on transportation:

  • Take advantage of the rail system as much as possible. Also ask your hotel or other lodging accommodations if you get a discount through staying with them on public transportation. It isn’t uncommon for hotels to offer a free subway pass with your stay.
  • Traveling between cities? Try the bus or check for a free shuttle service.
  • Search for discounted car rentals in the location you will be visiting.

Making your dream trip a reality doesn’t have to leave you in debt. You can enjoy a life changing trip and come back with money to spare if you follow the money saving tricks listed above. Remember to be prepared and have your passport or other vital records for travel ready!

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