Choosing the Right Summer Camp for Your Child

Summer camp is one of the best parts of summer vacation for most children. Whether our children love sports, rustic camping, music or theater there is a camp out there to cater to their needs. Finding the right summer camp might take a little bit of research, but chances are there is something out there that is in your price range and makes your child’s dreams come true!

In order to find the right summer camp for your child, there are a few things to consider. First, you and your child should sit down to discuss what type of camp they would enjoy the most, including what theme and duration are the best fit. If your child is more independent they may enjoy a sleep-away or resident camp, while a more shy child may want to participate in a day camp.

  • Resident Camp- For children no younger than 7, these camps can be co-ed or gender-specific for just boys or girls. Typically an overnight camp will have either cabins or tents for sleeping. Duration depends on the type of resident camp you chose, but can be as little as 2 nights to multiple weeks.
  • Day Camp- This is a great option for parents who work during the summer but want their kids to enjoy summer time fun! Children attending day camp are typically dropped off in the mornings before a parent goes to work and picked up after the work day is over.

Once you have settled on the type of camp your child is interested in, you should research the camp’s history. This will give you a chance to look into the safety records, long standing reviews, and will give you a better idea of the camp itself. A camp that has been family-run for many generations is most likely a sign of a well run business. Ask the following questions about the camp your child likes:

  • How do they communicate events, news and/or emergencies to parents?
  • What is their safety procedure?
  • What is your child allowed to bring with them in a care package?
  • Is the camp part of the American Camp Association?
  • Does the camp bring an agreeable philosophy into its programs?
  • What type of activities can your child participate in during camp?
  • What type of documents will my child need to register for camp?

These are only a handful of the questions you should ask when looking into a summer camp. Once you and your child settle on the right summer camp, make sure you have the necessary vital records to register! To learn more about ordering vital records online, visit our online ordering center.

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