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Cheap Spring Break Trips

Have you been eagerly counting down the days to spring break? It’s almost here, and you’ve still got plenty of time to get planning. Whether you’ve been hitting the books hard, or you’re just ready to get the family out of the dark and dreary cold weather, springtime brings spring break! For some, spring break can be their first adventure away from home alone while for others, it means a much needed mental break while or perhaps an opportunity to load the family up and see the world. Either way, travel can get pricey so we’ve done a little digging and we’ve put together some cheap spring break trips for you to consider!

Cheap Spring Break Trips – Vacation on a Budget!

Chances are good that if you’re looking into planning your perfect spring getaway, you’ll need to do it on a budget. This can mean that international trips are out, but that leaves plenty of domestic locations that can get you a much deserved break. Don’t think that all international destinations are out, though. You’d be surprised to know that places like Jamaica and Costa Rica are similar in price to popular locations in Mexico and even Canada. Here are a few of our favorite cheap spring break vacations to help you plan a spring break trip on a budget!

  • Austin, Texas – Your average airfare to Austin is around $200, which means it’ll open up options for economy lodging or even AirBnb’s. This is an especially great place to head for spring break if music is your passion. With more than 250 live music venues, you’ll be able to find something to see. Austin is great for families too, with plenty of outdoor activities and kid related entertainment.
  • Jamaica – For approximately $250 to $300, you can get round trip airfare to your own tropical paradise. If you look for package deals, you may be able to find all-inclusive resort packages that include excursions, food, lodging and other costs you may not have anticipated. If you don’t have a passport, you should jump on your application process now to avoid expedited fees. If you haven’t obtained a certified copy of your birth certificate, you’ll definitely need one for your passport application.
  • Consider a cruise – While many cruises of longer durations may get a bit pricey, a great spring break trip idea might be to do a little cruise vacation shopping. Many cruise lines offer significantly discounted rates if the departure date is nearing and they aren’t fully booked. Not to mention…if you shop far enough in advance, you might be able to find some really great deals. Cruise trips are great vacations! They’re all inclusive, there’s plenty of entertainment and when you dock in international ports, you’ll get to see a bit of culture, too. Just make sure you know what ID to bring when you book your trip!
cruise vacation cheap spring break trips

Looking for cheap spring break trips? Consider planning a cruise trip – if you go with friends, you can get a better price on your cabin!
  • Vegas – You can get flights to Vegas for as low as $99! It’s a city with endless opportunities, and if you’re over 21 you’ll never run out of things to do. From shows to entertainment on the strip, you can pack your vacation full of sites and still stick to your budget.
  • Sanibel Island, FL – Getting there will be easy, flights to Florida tend to start around $150. Once you arrive, you’ll get to experience some of the best weather in the region. Enjoy the beaches, rent a bike, get yourself an Airbnb near the beach . It may not be as active as a major city but if relaxation is what you’re looking for this is the perfect spot.
  • Mexico – Most resort destinations in Mexico are perfect for spring break with gorgeous spring weather and access to plenty of beaches. This is another destination that may get you a great deal if you plan your airfare with your lodging and food options. It’s a pretty standard spring break destination, so don’t be surprised if it is crowded.
  • Dominican Republic – While the most expensive part of this trip may be the airfare, you can expect a bit more for your money when it comes to lodging and food. They’re pretty well known for all-inclusive resorts, but if you’d rather nix that idea and get a little more cozy, plenty of guest houses and even more modern Airbnbs are sprinkled throughout. Some of these cozy spots are even located close to the beach. This can help you immerse yourself in the culture a bit more too, and maybe avoid some of the more popular touristy places. 

Planning your cheap spring break trip can be super exciting! The best part might in fact be figuring out the best way to stretch your travel budget. Small things like packing snacks for your daily outings and planning on 1 excursion a day might help you stretch your money on bigger more luxurious items. No matter where you decide to head to on your spring break, we hope you have a blast!

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