Best international snow vacations

Best International Snow Vacations To Plan This Winter

If you’ve decided that this year it’s finally time to pack yourself (and maybe the family…) and head to somewhere fun this holiday season, coming up with the perfect destination can be tricky. Or maybe you’re really trying to wrap your head around the perfect vacation as you plan out someone’s gift of travel. If you’re having a tough time coming up with inspiration, we’ve put together a fun list of the best international snow vacations to help you decide!

Best International Snow Vacation Destinations

When you think of snowy mountains and pristine inspiring wintery views, Switzerland should probably come to mind. If you’re looking for a historical and cultural wintery wonderland this season, you might consider trying Gstaad, Switzerland on for size. With more than 136 miles of ski runs, dog sledding, tobogganing, hiking and fun shopping, you’ll be able to find something that caters to your winter desires. If you head there in January, you can catch the Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad, a classical music festival. Of course, anywhere in Switzerland is probably going to be pretty magical if you’re looking for a true wintery escape.

Gstaad Switzerland winter vacation

Check out Gstaad, Switzerland for the winter season for a variety of snowy activities

How do the Andes Mountains sound this winter? You can book a stay at a place like the Llao Llao Hotel and Resort in the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Patagonia, Argentina. They’ve got the lowdown on more than 62 miles of ski trails and runs, while stopping for delicious foods and shopping. You can also catch some whale watching, ice skating and horseback riding if that strikes your fancy!

Let’s be honest, even if you hadn’t considered Iceland for a wintery getaway, it’s probably on your bucket list or adventure travel list anyway, right…Northern Lights at Godafoss anyone? National parks, spas, scenery, culture, geothermal foods and an interesting dining experience are all a hop skip and a jump away up north! And even better, if you choose to go during December or January, you get to experience some of their awesome holiday festivities, too.

Best international snow vacation in Iceland

Experience the views of the Northern Lights over The Godafoss Waterfall in Iceland this winter season!

Ever heard of Banff National Park? It’s a quick trip up and across the border in Canada, a wintery wonderland of epic natural scenery and landscapes that’ll warm you to your core. You can check out the Winter Festival, the Big Bear Competition and even the Ice Magic Festival for starters. There’s also a plethora of museums to help you brush up on your cultural education. Of course, your winter vacation wouldn’t be complete without outdoor activities, so the typical snowy sports are available to anyone willing to hit the slopes on skis or snowboards.

Banff National Park, Alberta Canada

The Ice Magic Festival at Lake Louise in the Banff National Park located in Alberta, Canada is a must see if you’re looking for the perfect snow vacation.

If this December is too soon to get to one of the best international snow vacations this winter, January may better suit you, especially if you’re giving the gift of travel for the holidays. What says cold temperatures and wintery bliss better than a trip to Moscow, Russia for a snow vacation? If you want to ride out the holiday cheer, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas in January, so the celebrations are still in full swing if you travel after the New Year. You can check out Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral among other impressive and jaw dropping cultural establishments. You can plan a side trip to Krasnoyarsk, Siberia for their International Festival of Snow and Ice Sculptures too, which would be a pretty cool thing to add to your bucket list too.

Best international snow vacations - Moscow, Russia

Waiting until after the U.S. holiday season might be a great idea if you’re planning an international snow vacation.

Japan may not strike you as the prime spot for one of the best snow vacations, but don’t overlook this gorgeous winter destination. Not only will you get to experience their amazing culture and delicious food, but you get to take in their breathtaking views while covered in snow. There are plenty of winter activities for the avid sports fan, and they even boast great ice fishing and snowmobiling. If you’re there during the right time, you can take in the Kitami Yakiniku Festival and celebrate their New Year’s traditions.

Best snow vacations

Japan in winter is just as majestic as every other year, with the exception of all that great snow!

Ever wanted to stay in a hotel made entirely of ice? Ok maybe you didn’t know you ever wanted to stay at the Ice Hotel in Kiruna, Sweden, but you do now. And honestly, what says “best international snow vacation” better than staying in a hotel made of ice?! It is truly a unique experience that is cozier than you may think – but you’ll have to try it for yourself.

Winter international vacation in Kiruna Sweden

Visit the Ice Hotel in Kiruna Sweden, a lodging made entirely of ice and snow.

Bavaria, Germany may just be the coolest, most romantic winter destination on the planet. After all, you can take a day trip to the Black Forest, check out the tiny towns and museums around, or participate in your traditional winter sports. An added feature would be checking out the historic Neuschwanstein Castle – how cool would it be to see the iconic castle Walt Disney based the Disney magic on in person? Good food, great experiences, and plenty of fun stuff to help keep you entertained.

International winter vacation in Bavaria, Germany

What’s more magical than Neuschwanstein Castle in winter? Check out Bavaria, Germany for a breathtaking and awe inspiring snowy vacation excitement.

Gift of Travel IG

Gift of Travel IG

If you’re looking to gift your winter wonderland vacation to a loved one, check out our infographic on some tips to help you bundle the perfect getaway. If you’re looking to plan a trip for yourself or your family, make sure you start by ensuring you’ve got the correct travel documents. That usually means you’ll want to start with a passport. If you’re in need of certified copies of your birth certificates, check out to get started. And stay bundled up while you’re taking in that winter wonderland vacation – they look like they might be chilly!

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