Best cruises in March - Western Cruise Ports

Best Cruises in March 2018

We are still in for a few more weeks of winter which means you’re probably itching for a break from the chilly weather! Timing is perfect to look into some of the best cruises in March of 2018 that can help take you from away from the winter blues and onto the beach with your favorite cocktail. So whether you are looking to score a last minute cruise deal or to enjoy your tax return or bonus money, here are some great cruise destinations to explore!


Nassau, Bahamas Port is one of the best cruises in March

Northeast Cruise Ports March 2018



Northeast Ports: Cruises leaving out of popular east coast ports such as New York, Bayonne, and Baltimore cruise to locations like the Bahamas, Grand Turk, St. Kitts, Barbados, Martinique and more with prices starting at around $400 and range between 5-day and 17-day options. The cruise lines available are Carnival and Norwegian, both offering different boats that you can pick from during your March 2018 cruise.

Antigua Boats - Cruises March 2018

Southern Cruise Ports March 2018


Southern Ports: Looking for a cruise of out a southern port such as Galveston, New Orleans, or one of Florida’s many ports? You’ll have plenty of options for destinations! You’ll have the chance to visit the Eastern or Western Caribbean, Central America, the Mediterranean and more starting at under $300! The cruises range between 3-day and 14-day itineraries and span across nearly every major cruise line available. A southern port gives you a lot more in terms of destination and cruise line options for a better price point in March.


Western Ports: Want to cruise out of San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Honolulu this March? You’ll have destination options that range from Hawaii, Mexican Riviera, Panama Canal, Central America and Pacific Coastal. The most affordable cruises start at a little over $200 and the most expensive is $3,400 but when you consider that the longest cruise length is 28 days, that isn’t too bad. Yes, you read that right – a 28-day long cruise! You’ll find some of the most exotic and unique cruises departing from the west coast and across every major cruise line available.


Best cruises in March - Western Cruise Ports

Western Cruise Ports March 2018

If you are looking for more money saving tips for your March cruise, consider the cost of travel getting to your port of departure. If the cruise is cheap but your airfare costs more than the cruise itself, it may not be worth getting the cruise deal. Perhaps there is a port within driving distance that offers a similar great price which would make more financial sense. You will also need to be flexible about where you’ll be traveling to in order to snag a great deal. The good news is that all cruise destinations are beautiful so you won’t need to worry about not getting in your beach time! Last, but not least, make sure you search around for the most affordable cruise options from deal sites, travel agencies, and the direct website of the cruise line. If you book through the cruise line itself or a travel agency you may get some freebies such as dining credits, all-inclusive drink packages, and even reduced rooms!


As a final cruise planning tip,  be aware of whether or not your cruise will require a passport for your travels. If you are looking for a cruise in March but don’t have a passport you may not be able to go this time. However, a copy of your birth certificate may suffice if you’ll be on a closed loop cruise. Check with your cruise line and then check to see if you can quickly order your birth certificate online! So what are you waiting for? Grab your suitcase and tell your boss you’ll be out of the office!

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