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Applying for Your Real ID Online – Current Real ID Updates

COVID-19 has impacted so many facets of our daily lives; we’re all discovering new routines and new ways to live. Unfortunately, many legal and government agencies have been forced to do the same. This means simple processes like obtaining or renewing government documents, vital records, passports, and other forms of ID have been impacted by nationwide closures and delays. Originally, the deadline for states and citizens to be fully compliant with REAL ID was October of 2021. Because many government agencies have not allowed in-person meetings or meetings without an appointment, it has made the ability for U.S. citizens to obtain upgraded IDs next to impossible. As a result, the deadline for citizens to obtain their Real ID for domestic flights has been pushed back to October of 2021. Another development in the process to obtain your new ID is the new process which allows you to apply for your Real ID online. Below we’ll discuss some of the current Real ID updates, and information on what to do if you still need to obtain your Real ID if your local DMV has not yet opened. 

Current Real ID Updates – Obtaining your Real ID for the 2021 Deadline

The REAL ID Act was passed more than a decade ago. Its purpose is to offer states a more secure set of standards when issuing their state-issued IDs. But does every citizen need a Real ID? The easiest way to determine if you will need a REAL ID is by assessing your travel schedule. To determine whether you need a Real ID or not, you’ll need to take a few factors into account.

  • If you have an up-to-date passport, then you will not need a REAL ID in order to fly domestically. The Real ID 2020 deadline means that in order to board a domestic flight (a flight that departs and arrives in U.S. state or territory) you’ll need either your passport or an updated Real ID. Your regular state issued ID will no longer grant you access to your flight.
  • In the absence of a military ID, you will need your Real ID to access federal facilities in order to gain access to depots, bases, plants, forts, shipyards, etc.
  • In the absence of a military ID, you  will be required to present your Real ID in order to enter a nuclear power plant  which is considered a federal facility,

In some states, enhanced driver’s licenses (EDL) will suffice in place of a Real ID. EDLs issued by Washington, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, and Vermont are all acceptable in place of a newly issued or obtained Real ID. Included in the current Real ID updates, is the news that all 50 U.S. states are now compliant with the REAL ID Act. This means that all states now offer the Real ID to its residents.

Applying for Your Real ID Online

One hurdle the global pandemic presented to citizens looking to obtain their Real ID was the inability to apply and complete the application process at the DMV’s office. New processes were recently put in place that allow applicants to begin their process online. While applicants will still be required to schedule an in person appointment to complete the process, they now have the option to upload their documents securely through online avenues. In order to begin your application process, you will need to have on hand specific identification documents to verify your identity. Documents that prove the following must be obtained prior to your application:

For questions about your state’s specific requirements for applying for your real ID online, contact your local DMV’s office or website for important information. Remember, no U.S. citizen is legally required to obtain a Real ID. With a current passport, citizens will still be able to board domestic flights and enter federal facilities without one. To obtain a Real ID, a small, one-time fee must be paid, but once you have your Real ID, you must renew it just like your normal ID. 

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