am i related to someone famous

Am I Related to Someone Famous? DNA Test Truths!

If you haven’t experienced just how fun tracing back your family tree can be, you’re definitely missing out! Genealogy, or the study of tracing lineage and descent from ancestors, is becoming ever popular as a hobby. It’s also a pretty innovative and progressive line of work, as genealogists use many types of historical records, pictures and stories to hash out the details of where family lineage came from. While sites like have made novice ancestry more convenient by linking users to all types of databases and resources, DNA testing is opening the door for even more genealogical discoveries.

One of the more interesting and exciting things about the new surge in at-home DNA tests is their inclusion of access to matches and DNA comparisons to other people who’ve also taken the test. This is entirely optional, so no need to worry that your information will be automatically shared. Sometimes people go into these tests thinking “Maybe I’ll find a relative I didn’t know I had”, and some people come out with results in hand asking “Am I related to someone famous?”. While these kinds of results are exciting, there are also some interesting stories about cold case murders being solved, and missing persons cases being resolved due to DNA test results. We think finding out you’re related to a famous person is way more fun!

While DNA tests and the databases offered by genealogy websites are one great way to learn you’re related to famous people, there are other resources out there that can help you find out who the celebrities in your family tree are. Some of them have a fee associated, but some are free. We’ll hook you up with some resources below to get you started on your potential celebrity star relations.

are you related to someone famous
Are you related to someone famous? Maybe you’ve got a shared relative with Justin Bieber in your family tree somewhere down the line, or maybe, there’s a famous politician or scientist from 100 years ago!

So How do DNA Tests Help With Genealogy?

As we mentioned above, genealogy sites like can provide users with at-home DNA kits. Once you complete and mail them back in, they grant you access to all the features that can help you better learn about where your family comes from. This can give you access to the world’s largest consumer DNA database, which allows you to match with living relatives who share parts of your DNA. This doesn’t always mean you’re directly related, but it can open the door for making new connections and will certainly assist with learning if you’ve got some famous folks in your pedigree. Once you learn who you are matched with, these websites allow you to connect with people who want to be connected with, which can open the door to more access to family records. Most of these family records come in the form of marriage, birth, death and divorce vital records that have been kept on file throughout the course of history. More connections mean more details, and when you’re searching for accurate family lineage, that can be super helpful!

Am I Related to Someone Famous? Resources that Don’t Involve DNA Testing

While one of the easier ways to real nail down your heritage and lineage is by utilizing a DNA test and the associated DNA databases, there is also a fun and ever evolving resource that can assist you in researching if you are related to someone famous. Relative Finder is a new program that pulls family tree information from Family Search, a resource that puts together familial history, family trees, and other genealogical research and compares it to that of celebrities and famous figures throughout history. While this database is run by the Mormon Church, you don’t actually need to be a member of this religion to utilize this program. The next best part? It’s free. While you can pay to utilize some added features, to sign up with a basic account there are no fees associated.

finding out you’re related to a famous person
Finding out you’re related to a famous person can be pretty easy with resources like Relative Search.

Are you looking to dive into your family’s history and start your own genealogy project? It can be a ton of fun, and you can learn loads about yourself and your family. Genealogy doesn’t just tell you where you came from, but DNA tests and understanding your family tree can help you identify things like congenital diseases and family history. It’s all about understanding who we are genetically and what we can expect from our bodies, too! If you’re interested in learning more about what you can do with some in home DNA test results, check out our blog here. If it’s a family tree project you’re ready for, make sure you know what sort of vital records you’ll need to get started! Good luck, and let us know what famous person you’re related to!


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