7 Things You Need To Do Before Leaving for Vacation

You have bought your tickets, packed your bags and all you can think about is the fun you will have with your family on the beach, in the mountains or at the amusement park. However, you have a few last things you should accomplish before you leave. Don’t hop in the car, on the plane or aboard the boat before you take care of these seven important tasks—then you’ll be ready to relax and have a great trip!

Call Credit Card Company – Your credit card company wants to protect you in case of fraud or identity theft. One of the biggest red flags of potential fraud is when charges are suddenly occurring out of your normal travel area. A quick call to the credit card company before you leave for vacation can help prevent you from dealing with the difficulty of a frozen credit card due to suspicious activity.

Put a Hold on Mail – Most post offices are more than willing to hold your mail at the post office until you get home from your trip. By doing this, or at least having a trusted family member or neighbor hold onto your mail until your return, you can avoid having the mail get wet, lost or stolen during your trip.

Set Timed Lights – Timed lights can make it look like there is still someone home—potentially deterring thieves who may target a home they know is empty. For the best results, set your lights to come on and off just as they would when you are home.

Set Security System – You pay for your security system to protect both your family and your possessions. Do not forget to set the system when you leave for vacation. You may also want to tell the security company you are leaving, so they will know to go ahead and send someone out if anything suspicious occurs in your absence.

Turn Off Outdoor Water – Your sprinkler system, hose or swimming pool can all develop a leak or be turned on by accident while you are away. If this occurs you could get a welcome home gift that nobody wants—a huge water bill! Turn off your outdoor water before you leave and avoid these issues.

Unplug Unused Electronics – Cut down on your electric bill and prevent damage in case of a storm by unplugging all your unused electronic devices before you leave on your trip. This simple step can have big rewards!

Gather Important Documents – When you travel, you never know when you may need your most important documents. Make sure you pack a certified copy of your birth certificate, your driver’s license, passport (if available), insurance card and any other necessary documents. Pack them in a secure folder to avoid damage during travel. If you fly, make sure you include this in your carry-on bag.

Once you have completed the tasks on this checklist, it is time to double check your bags and begin your journey. While these last minute preparations may take a little extra time, completing them could help you avoid the difficulties associated with forgetting something important. Moreover, your vacation will give you plenty of time to recover from any extra effort!


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