warm holidays in february

5 Warm Vacation Spots in February

Tired of those short days and cold nights keeping you indoors? We’re past the holiday vacations, and exciting trips to visit friends and family, so it’s only natural that you may be feeling a bit stir crazy by mid- February. If you’re looking for an extended vacation away, or just a quick trip to escape the cold and boredom of being cooped up inside, some warm vacation spots are probably looking pretty nice right about now. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a good excuse to plan a vacation or not; warm holidays in February can brighten up the worst of the winter blues and get you through the remaining winter months until the sun starts shining again. We’ve put together five warm and inviting hot destinations to perk you up!

warm vacation spots in February

Whether you want to bring the whole family or get away on a single’s trip, beating the winter funk is as easy as a weekend trip to a sunny destination.


  1. Australia – It’s probably not a huge surprise that Australia would be a prime vacation spot for travelers from the U.S. at this time of year. Australia is actually nearing the end of summer, so be prepared for some pretty toasty temps. If you’re looking to spend your time at the ocean with your toes in the sand, there are plenty of options down under for a February beach vacation. While you’re probably going to want to plan at least a week or two for your Australian vacation, it’s the perfect way to kick off that international travel bucket list for 2018. Just make sure you have all your international travel documents squared away while you’re figuring out your itinerary.

  2. Honolulu, Hawaii – With average temps around 80° and whale watching in the south being a popular sight to see, traveling to Hawaii for a quick end-of-winter vacay might be just the ticket. With flights from the middle of the U.S.A. averaging about 8 hours give or take, Honolulu is a warm vacation spot that’s feasible for even a quick trip. If you’re looking to get away from precipitation you might want to reconsider Hawaii destinations; big storms can bring some pretty gnarly torrential downpours this time of year. It’s also a surfing hot spot in February, so you might be competing with other travelers for fun things to do and see.
    February in Honolulu

    Go for a hike on Kuliouou Ridge Trail, with an epic view of Honolulu and the gorgeous ocean just beyond!

  3. Sicily – While you may consider Sicily to be sought after for its culture, dining and historical sights, the citrus crops that  come to fruition between Christmastime and April are hidden gems.. With citrus trees in full bloom, the countryside is covered with the breathtaking crops. A bit of an extended vacation might be in order, as taking in the rest of Italy would be a must if you find yourself traveling that far in the first place!
    warm vacation spots in February citrus

    Check out local street vendors in Sicily pedaling their delicious fresh citrus fruits during citrus season.(

  4. Cancun, Mexico – This destination spot might seem a bit cliche, but it’s hard to argue with an easy to plan, easy to execute destination vacation. With a decent travel time in the air, you can put together a trip on your own or look to a travel agency or resort to plan out a travel package. The convenience of an all-inclusive vacation can make planning even easier. Mexican resorts have some great package deals (some that even include airfare!) so it’s no wonder these destinations are perfect for warm vacation spots in February.
  5. San Diego, California – Perfect for its moderate and temperate climate, San Diego might be perfect for a long weekend jaunt for some sunshine. With access to beaches, museums, aquariums, fine dining, nightlife and almost any amenity you can think of, your travel there should be quick and painless. You can count on average highs around 65° during the month of February, and if you’d like to keep out of the city, you have options to enjoy some peace and quiet.
february beach vacations

While you’re in San Diego, check out La Jolla Cove for some epic views.

We all know the feeling of keeping our nose to the grindstone, and getting in a funk through these dark winter months. The perfect solution is a sunny, warm and relaxing trip to somewhere fun. If you haven’t already penciled a spring vacation into your calendar, now’s the perfect time to shop for airfare. If you need a passport to climb aboard an international flight (or even a cruise), you still have time if you’re looking to expedite your passport application. Get started with a certified copy of your birth certificate if you don’t already have one – you’ll need it for the application process!

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