5 Business Travel Tips to Improve Your Life

In July 20, 2015

Business travel can be grueling when done wrong, and trust us there is a right and a wrong way to travel. Being prepared is how you travel the right way, being unorganized is how you travel the wrong way. Business travel can add extra stress onto an already nerve wracking time, so follow these 5 business travel tips to improve your life the next time you’re on the go for work.

  1. Utilize a checklist. It sounds simple, but this one little thing can help you plan out your trip and pack only what you need and helps ensure you don’t forget something important. Packing only what you need can help make going through security checkpoints faster, if you don’t have to unpack layers of clothes to get to your laptop, you can easily place items in bins and move forward. Making sure you have the clothing and accessories you need and that you don’t leave anything at home will also help. You don’t want to forget your suit that you need for a big meeting.
  2. Take a picture of your hotel room number or parking lot space on your cellphone. Anyone who travels a lot can tell you, they’ve experienced the feeling of being lost. If you have your important data recorded – you can’t forget it!
  3. Utilize review apps. Apps like Yelp can be a life saver when you are in a new city and have to take clients out to impress. It also is a good idea to treat yourself to a good meal after a long period of travel to make sure you stay healthy and ready for your next meeting or trip.
  4. Pack snack bars. Anyone who has ever experienced a layover, cancellation, or delay due to weather for hours when airport stands are closed knows that a protein bar can be your saving grace.
  5. Avoid making jet lag worse by following the sleeping patterns of the time zone you have your business trip in, That means if you land at 12:00PM and you are tired because it is a 6 hour difference for you, don’t take a nap during the day. If you nap during the day, you won’t be able to sleep at night and that will make you feel even more tired!

Follow these business travel tips to improve your life when you travel. For any other travel documentation needs, like a birth certificate, contact VitalChek. Vitalchek is your official source for government-issued vital records.

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