4th of July Plans

4th of July Plans – Traveling for the Holiday

In June 23, 2018

It’s almost that time of the year where families across the United States will be celebrating Independence Day! Have you made any 4th of July plans yet? This federal holiday is usually accompanied with backyard barbecues and family get togethers – all to commemorate the 13 colonies adopting the Declaration of Independence in 1776. If you’re a big history buff and are looking for more info on this holiday, check out History.com. Speaking of history buffs, did you know the US technically isn’t the only country that celebrates 4th of July? The Atlantic has a fascinating article about the history of the holiday in the Philippines.

Now it’s time to jump right into it and start planning your 4th of July fun – and we promise there will be no shortage on fireworks!

4th of July Plans – What Are My Options?

A backyard party with your closest friends and family is a blast on 4th of July, not many will argue with that! It couldn’t hurt to explore your options though, especially for the family that loves traveling. Traveling during a huge, national holiday?! We know what you might be thinking – that sounds like a headache and a half and a great way to empty your wallet. If you can plan ahead and are savvy with travel deals, you might just work some magic! Travel + Leisure has some great tips for how to score cheap flights for your 4th of July plans.

Logistics are important here – but when do we start talking about the explosions and the bright, shiny lights? Moving right along! Fireworks are an iconic part of 4th of July, and you can find these shows in every state in the US. This is great news if you’re trying to plan a vacation to coincide with the holiday. Some of our favorite options for 4th of July plans are included below – with a focus on areas with great fireworks that have other fun activities as well. We love shiny explosions as much as the next person, but let’s get as much fun packed into this trip as humanly possible.

So what is our first option? The Big Apple, of course! You’d be hard pressed not to find a TON of fun things to do in NYC – and you can still enjoy some spectacular fireworks. The Macy’s fireworks show will launch over 40,000 fireworks in 2018 with several locations to choose from where you can get the best view. The video below is an example of a show from 2016.

Besides the fireworks, the whole family can look forward to plenty more fun activities in the city. SmartDestinations.com has an Explorer Pass that wraps several attractions and experiences into one price, because who doesn’t love saving money? Some of the activities and places you can look forward to in NY are:

  • Central Park
  • Times Square
  • The Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island
  • Yankee Stadium
  • Boat cruises
  • Freedom Fest and/or SummerStage
  • Bike rentals
  • FOOD (so…many…options!)

Next up we have St. Louis, Missouri! They aren’t nicknamed “America’s Biggest Birthday Party” for nothing – with an impressive roster of activities, from food trucks and live music to airshows and yoga. Yes, we said yoga. What else is there to do in Missouri, you might ask? We have some ideas that just might pique your interest:

  • Budweiser Clydesdales – Need we say more? Grant’s Farm is not only home to these famous horses – you can also take the kids to feed and interact with their favorite barnyard animals, see some exotic animals in their natural habitat, and the adults can enjoy food and beer at the Brat Haus.
  • The Magic House – The kids will go crazy over this one! With fun interactive exhibits – many of which the kids can climb through and on – is sure to be a crowd pleaser for the family. You can find more information for planning a visit here.
  • Lemp Mansion – If you aren’t the warm and fuzzy type, this one is sure to be fun. Lemp Mansion is a historic house in St. Louis that used to operate as a successful brewery in the 1800’s. That’s all great, but where’s the creepy part? The mansion was plagued with a series of suicides within the family that ran the operations there. The mansion is now restaurant and inn, which holds historical and haunted tours and murder mystery dinner theatre!

We have one more suggestion for your 4th of July plans to pay homage to American history. Have you considered a trip to Washington DC? The area has plenty of 4th of July events you would come to expect for the holiday – like fireworks shows and parades. For those who love history, DC is also jam packed with historical landmarks and sightseeing opportunities too! Check out some of your options below:

  • National Archives – Home to America’s founding documents, this museum in DC also houses over three billion records!
  • Smithsonian National Museum of American History – Rich with artifacts, memorials, displays and more to showcase our country’s history – plus free admission!
  • Tours & Sightseeing – Washington.org has more information here on how you can book tours to see the famous monuments and memorials DC is known for.
  • Georgetown – Do paddle boats, a sunset outdoor cinema, and/or hanging out at the Washington Harbour sound fun? You won’t want to miss the food here – especially for those who love seafood!

If you’re still shopping around for the perfect vacation duet to pair 4th of July fun with a vacation, head on over to Conde Nast Traveler or Travel + Leisure, which both feature lists of spectacular fireworks displays. This can help get you started, whether you’re looking for the biggest fireworks display or the best location with the widest range of activities + the bright and shiny explosions.

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