Facts about engagement rings

20 Facts About Engagement Rings

Thinking of popping the question and in the process of looking at engagement rings? Ever wonder where the tradition came from and how it’s evolved? There are a lot of different fun facts, as well as traditions when it comes to the engagement ring, and we’re not just talking about the diamond itself. We’ve put together a fun list of facts about engagement rings and traditions to lighten up all that stressful planning on how to ask the question and what ring to choose!

20 Facts About Engagement Rings & Traditions

  1. The most expensive diamond ring known to man is the Blue Diamond Ring. It sold for $9.49 MILLION in 2013!
  2. Seventy-one percent of grooms ask the bride’s father or parents for her hand in marriage before proposing.
  3. Different countries and cultures wear their engagement bands and wedding rings on different hands and fingers (if they wear one at all!) While people from the US, UK and Canada wear their rings on the left hand, people from India and Russia wear them on the right.
    Engagement ring history

    Where an individual wears their engagement and wedding bands is often dictated by centuries of tradition.

  4. The reason individuals wear their bands on the ring finger is due to the belief that there was a vein that directly connected that finger to the heart – the Vena Amoris, or the Vein of Love.
  5. Another fun fact about engagement rings is the very first diamond engagement ring in history was given by Maximilian I of Austria in 1477 to Mary of Burgundy.
  6. People who followed the Puritan faith believed engagement rings to be too extravagant, so instead they exchanged thimbles. The tops would be removed and they could wear them as rings.
  7. Only about 35% of engagement rings are purchased without the brides knowledge or input, something to keep in mind while shopping for an engagement ring!
  8. The average groom spends three months, visits four different shops, and looks at about 27 different rings while shopping for the perfect engagement ring.
  9. The most popular diamond shape is the round brilliant cut. This cut allows the most light to reflect as it passes through the stone.
  10. The word diamond comes from the Greek word “adamant”, which means steadfast or invincible.
  11. While some may think Valentine’s Day would be the most popular time to get engaged, the month of December actually leads in most engagements.
  12. A tip to consider when buying an engagement ring: If you shine ultraviolet light on a real diamond, it will continue to glow in the dark for a few seconds afterwards. Some people believe this is the best way to ensure a diamond is not synthetic.
  13. The average engagement ring costs about $2,500!
  14. The average diamond size is about 1.5 carats. If there is more than one stone in the ring, the weight tends to average roughly 2 carats.
  15. The idea and tradition of engagement rings dates back to ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed circles were symbols of eternity.
  16. Approximately 20% of brides-to-be purchase their own engagement rings.
  17. While white gold is the most common wedding band alloy and platinum takes a close second, these two types of ring have moved ahead of the yellow gold trend of the 80’s.
  18. About 75 to 100 couples take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty to propose every year.
  19. Another 2,000 couples get engaged every year at Disney World.
  20. Natural diamonds are roughly 1 – 3 BILLION years old!
    facts about engagement rings

    Diamond cuts vary in shape and size and have different qualities based on desire.


Don’t let the whirlwind of popping the big question and selecting the perfect ring stress you out. If you’re looking for some ideas, you can check out our Pinterest for some great wedding planning and romantic trip tips. Once she’s said “yes!” and you’re planning the wedding and honeymoon, be sure to address your marriage certificate needs. You’ll want to have an extra copy or two  on hand if you’re planning a name change, or if you have a nice honeymoon away scheduled right after your ceremony. If you are celebrating a new engagement, we here at VitalChek wish you the very best with your upcoming nuptials!


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