15 Life Hacks For Traveling


Traveling, whether it is for fun or business can be a very stressful experience. However, if you’re well prepared, things may not be as difficult as you expect. Check out these travel life hacks and concentrate on the more enjoyable parts of life on the road.

  • Win the Elevator Game – Did you know that if you press your floor number and the door close button at the same time for five seconds, it will normally override other requests and bring you directly to your floor? While not recommended on a regular basis, you might try it with some willing elevator participants.
  • Never Pay for Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi in hotels and motels can sometimes come with a hefty fee. Starbucks, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts and many other establishments offer free wi-fi—saving you money if you need to just log in and check your email.
  • Never Carry Your Wallet in Your Back Pocket – It is very easy for a pickpocket to grab your wallet when you keep it in your back pocket. Carry it in a front pocket, purse, “man-bag” or even a fanny pouch to prevent theft.
  • Bring a Nightlight – A nightlight can be very helpful when staying in an unfamiliar hotel room. Often the hotel light is too bright to keep on all night, but too dark with no lights at all.
  • Scan Your Important Documents – While you may need to bring your birth certificate, passport and other documents, scan and securely store copies on your computer or tablet to help “just in case” you find yourself in a difficult situation.
  • Never Pack New Clothes – While it can be tempting to bring that new dress, or shiny shoes, you never know how comfortable something will be until you’ve spent some time wearing it.
  • Always Bring a Bathing Suit – Even if you do not plan to swim, it is better to bring this small item and not need it than wind up buying one brand new at your destination.
  • Save on Water Costs – Bring an empty, reusable bottle and refill on the go. This can save you a large amount over the course of a trip.
  • No Time to Iron? – If you do not have time to iron your clothes in the middle of your trip, hang them in the bathroom while you shower (keeping the bathroom door closed) and watch the wrinkles disappear.
  • Photograph Rental Car – When you pick up a rental car, use your phone to take pictures of any existing damage. This can protect you from problems that could occur when returning.
  • Pack a Roll of Quarters – When traveling, you never know when you may encounter a tollbooth or parking meter. Bringing along a roll of quarters can prevent you from getting a ticket or not being able to pass through a needed highway exit.
  • Call Your Credit Card Company – Before you leave, call or contact your credit card company and let them know where and when you are traveling. This will prevent them from shutting off your card due to suspected fraud.
  • Stuff Your Socks in Your Shoes – Save some space while packing by stuffing your socks inside your shoes. This can save significant room in your bags.
  • Always Bring Necessary Medication in Carry On – While you can always replace clothes and toiletries, it is important that you bring your medication in a carry-on bag because this may be significantly more difficult to replace.
  • Roll, Don’t Fold – Instead of folding your clothes, roll them instead. They take up much less room and often develop fewer wrinkles.




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