10 Tips When Traveling By Yourself

Solo travel can be an enlightening experience, especially for first timers. It often leaves solo travelers feeling proud and accomplished. Whether you are planning for your first solo trip or you consider yourself an experienced solo traveler, there are still a few things to consider when planning out your trip. Follow theses 10 tips when traveling by yourself to make sure your trip goes off without a hitch!

  1. Always tell someone where you are and where you will be going. While traveling alone can be really fun it doesn’t eliminate the need to inform others of your plans. You can send a text to a family member or friend or inform the hotel concierge of your plans. Planning like this may just help in an emergency situation.
  2. Enjoy doing what you, and only you, want to do. This may seem self-explanatory but remember your trip is for you and no one else. If you want to sleep in late, you can. If you want to spend all day hiking, visiting a historic landmark, or laying poolside, you can. Don’t feel like you NEED to do the things other people have recommend to you if they don’t sound like something you would love.
  3. If you get lost, don’t be obvious about it. No one wants to be a target for crime or being taken advantage of, so go into a café to look at a map as opposed to standing in the middle of a busy sidewalk, or politely ask a nearby security or police officer for help.
  4. Do research on your surroundings. You should know the areas you should avoid when traveling alone, you should know where the nearest police station is, and you should also be aware of the nearest U.S. Embassy location if you are traveling aboard. While we hope you never have to use this knowledge, having it can be a lifesaving tip.
  5. Take time to marvel in the moment. Put down your phone and appreciate the place you are in and the way you got there. After all, you didn’t take a solo trip just to be glued to social media the entire time!
  6. Before your trip, consider making copies of important documents needed for travel. It can’t hurt to have a copy of your license, passport, or any other required documents in case something is stolen. While it won’t act as a legally accepted form of ID, it can help you file a police report.
  7. Pack light and appropriately for your trip. Make sure you have the items you need for your trip but don’t weight yourself down with big bulk baggage. This also goes for when you are out and about exploring. Carry only what you need and always be aware of where your belongings are to avoid becoming a victim of pickpocketing.
  8. Take advantage of networking opportunities. You never know who you may meet or what you could learn from a local or even another traveler. Of course, always remember to be safe when visiting a new location or going out with people you have met on your trip.
  9. Pack something to help you pass the time during periods of travel. If you have a light flight or train ride ahead of you, you will find it helpful to have a good book or puzzle with you to help keep yourself entertained.
  10. Spoil yourself! Take yourself out to that fancy restaurant or get that beach side massage. After all, you’ve earned it.

These tips will come in handy on your next solo trip, we promise! Go out and enjoy life but always remember to be prepared! If you need to obtain any special documents or vital records prior to your trip, contact VitalChek. We can help you get the documents you need quickly and in time for the trip you have planned.

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