How to stick to New Year's resolutions

10 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Stick With

While the New Year often rings in joy and hope for the year to come, for some people it is about saying goodbye to a rocky last 365 days. To others, the new year means a new fresh look forward and opportunities to improve on themselves or make much needed changes in their lives. Whether the new year is a way to make closure or a bright leap to the future, around 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions each year with only about 8% of those people sticking to their goals. While some people stick to resolutions that are a tiny bit easier to adhere to like listening to music more often or cutting back on fast food, other resolutions are a bit tougher and take some serious perseverance and self control. Here are 10 common but simple ideas to consider and some tips on how to stick to your New Year’s resolutions.

10 Common & challenging New Year’s resolutions and how to stick to them:

  • Learn a new hobby – If you’re like any novice hobbyist, the world surrounding your new chosen hobby might appear complex and overwhelming. If you’re really interested in picking up something new to take up some of your free time, it’s important to start small and work your way into it. Not only will starting small keep your interest on getting bigger and better the right way, but your wallet will thank you, too. New hobbies mean new tools and supplies so it’s best to ease in.


learn a new hobby

Picking up a new hobby or learning something new is a great way to improve on yourself for the new year.


  • Read more – Time is precious, and in today’s busy working world we tend to put aside little things we enjoy doing to squeeze in the rest of our busy schedules. The goal here is to be realistic with your time. If you have a public transit commute to work, that’s a perfect opportunity to get a few pages in. With technology taking over our lives, climbing into bed at night sometimes means we spend a little too much time looking at the glowing screens of our smart phones; trade that last 15 minutes for a few chapters of your new favorite novel and you’ll be entranced in the literature in no time!


  • Better with money – Being fiscally responsible and making good financial decisions is something many people can improve upon.. Simple tips like making your lunch for work as opposed to heading out with your coworkers can be a game changer. The savings of a few bucks each day adds up after just a month! Spending less at the grocery store is as simple as shopping for generic staple items as opposed to name brand. While we all have our favorite name brand products, things like condiments, cereal, chips, etc have similar quality across the board.
  • Travel more – This is one of those New Year’s resolutions that you really need to plan well to succeed at since it isone of the more expensive items on the list.. Even if it’s just a road trip to the other side of the country, getting out and seeing the sights the world has to offer is a great way to decompress and get some good out of all that work you’re putting in at the office. The first step in traveling the world? Get started on your passport application ASAP, make sure you have a certified copy of your birth certificate and a passport photo that meets the requirements to ensure your application isn’t held up during processing. If you haven’t done much traveling, you might consider looking at travel packages that are all inclusive to start. Something that includes airline, lodging and other amenities is a great way to navigate your first big trip. Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive – becoming a savvy traveler takes experience and time.
  • Be healthier/exercise more – One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise more. Unfortunately it’s also the one that most people are least successful at. Finding exercises and workouts that appeal to you is key; if you have knee problems, running is probably not the greatest choice when it comes to getting fit. Start by making small dietary changes that easy to stick to. Water instead of juice or soda is a tough one but one that makes a huge difference. Trade out the 2 pieces of white bread on your sandwich for a whole grain tortilla or better yet, make a lettuce wrap. At the expense of sounding cliche, it’s a lifestyle change and that’s the #1 thing to remember. Working out 1x a week for 30 minutes is better than not at all. Once you’ve mastered your small changes, you can expand on them.
    get healthier new year resolution

    If eating better, getting fit and improving your health through diet and exercise is your new year resolution, make sure you set attainable goals and don’t be too hard on yourself. Even a small victory is a win.

  • Get organized – Whether it’s your filing system that needs an overhaul or just your sock drawer, disorganization can leave you feeling out of control. Letting go of unused items, purging your household and making sure your items have a place in your home can be rather cathartic.
  • Quit a vice – Quitting a vice is another common but difficult New Year’s resolution. Regardless of it it’s quitting smoking or not chewing your nails anymore, vices are a part of who we are and they tend to consume a lot of our thoughts. Make sure you have a supportive group of people to encourage you, utilize resources available to you (like gov if you’re trying to kick cigarettes) and persist. You can totally do it!



quit smoking for New Year's resolutions

Quitting a bad habit or vice is a great new year resolution.

  • Spend more time with family and friends – This resolution can be paired up with your “travel more” resolution. Making time for friends and family can be difficult. The busier our lives are the harder it is to coordinate getting together. You’ll find that even inviting friends out for lunch (unless one of your resolutions is to be better with money!) or jumping on skype for 15 minutes with family can help keep you connected and grounded.
  • Get more sleep – The Center for Disease Control states that insufficient sleep is an actual public health problem. It affects our ability to function, focus and engage. This impacts all aspects of our lives; work, school, productivity levels and even our driving ability not to mention, insufficient sleep impacts our health. Looking to be healthier in the new year? Start by getting a good night’s sleep. Turning off your smart phones and tv’s an hour before bed (great chance to get in some reading.) can help.


Get better sleep

Not only is insufficient sleep bad for your overall health, it has negative impacts on your day to day life. Good sleep is the key to a healthy mind and body.

  • Make new friends – As we age our friendships and relationships evolve; we make new friends and we leave others behind. Traveling more, picking up a new hobby and even getting into fitness and exercise gives us great opportunities to meet new people. A new budding friendship is great for our mental health, too.

In order to succeed at your New Year’s resolutions, set yourself up the right way. Set attainable goals, don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon, and be sure to tell yourself you’re doing a great job when you’re succeeding. Good luck from everyone here at VitalChek. We’re rooting for you!

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