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  • what to do if birth certificate has no name

    My Birth Certificate Has No Name, What do I do?

    By admin
    In January 15, 2018
    It may sound surprising that after the birth of a new family member, some parents leave the hospital with their newborns unnamed. There are several reasons an infant’s name may be missing from a birth certificate: the parents haven’t been able to decide on the perfect name;some religions practice...
  • Learn about what hidden airline fees might be associated with your ticket

    The Most Common Hidden Airline Fees

    By admin
    In January 12, 2018
    Throughout the history of airline travel, customers have seen big swings when it comes to included services and additional fees. Flying commercially used to be a fancy ordeal – dressing up, full meals, luxury and amenities were included and expected. While travelers can certainly still fly in style including...
  • TSA ID requirements for 2018

    TSA ID Requirements for 2018

    By admin
    In January 9, 2018
    As of January 22nd, 2018, the REAL ID Act will be well under way. What is the REAL ID Act? Passed in 2005 by congress, the REAL ID Act is a standard of regulations set forth to attach additional security processes to the issuance of sources of identification. Previously,...
  • fun facts about planes

    10 Fun Facts About Planes & Commercial Air Travel History

    By admin
    In January 6, 2018
    Did you know that the new year marks 104 years since the first scheduled commercial flight took off? It wasn’t quite the same experience airline passengers are used to today and the travel distance was much shorter, but it paved the way for transcontinental flights. honor this amazing accomplishment,...
  • How to get a Real ID

    How to Get a Real ID License or Card

    By admin
    In January 3, 2018
    If you’re just looking into the REAL ID Act, you’ll learn it’s been a work in progress over the last decade and is set to be put in motion by January 22, 2018. Passed by congress in 2005, the Act’s intention is to set minimum security requirements and standards...
  • How to stick to New Year's resolutions

    10 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Stick With

    By admin
    In December 30, 2017
    While the New Year often rings in joy and hope for the year to come, for some people it is about saying goodbye to a rocky last 365 days. To others, the new year means a new fresh look forward and opportunities to improve on themselves or make much...