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  • inexpensive weekend getaway ideas

    Inexpensive Weekend Getaway Ideas

    By admin
    In March 25, 2018
    Does a weekend getaway sound like something you and your significant other are in need of ASAP? A limited travel budget shouldn’t ever hold you back from a short getaway. Since there are many inexpensive weekend getaway ideas out there that won’t feel anything like a budget trip you...
  • Mexico travel requirements

    Mexico Travel Requirements – Documents and Visas

    By admin
    In March 19, 2018
    With vacations to Mexico being one of the more popular and accessible warm destinations, the question of which travel documents are necessary to enter the country is a pretty common one. While there was a time that a US birth certificate was an acceptable form of documentation and proof...
  • best first dates

    The Worst and Best First Dates that Led to Marriage

    By admin
    In March 14, 2018
    First dates are tough. Between worrying about what to wear, how to plan the best first date, or how to bail if it is going terribly, it can be kind of difficult to relax and just be yourself. From the time we were little, movies and TV shows have...
  • searching for multi city flights

    Using Multi City Flights for More Affordable Airfare

    By admin
    In March 10, 2018
    Are you always looking for ways to make the most out of your vacation time? Whether you want to see as many places as possible or want a budget friendly way to travel the world, using multi city flights can help. You’d be surprised at how much money you...
  • traveling with a puppy in cabin

    Tips for Flying with a Puppy in Cabin

    By admin
    In March 5, 2018
    All your bags are packed, and you’re ready to go…right? What if you’re planning on bringing your pooch along with? By now you’ll have taken all the necessary steps to ensure your pup has the correct health paperwork, and you’ve looked into pet passport options if you’re heading overseas....
  • passport correction

    How to Make a Passport Correction

    By admin
    In February 28, 2018
    Have you ever filled out important paperwork only to realize once it is completed that you’ve incorrectly marked one of the boxes or spelled something wrong? It can be so frustrating! Imagine doing this on your passport paperwork and not catching it until you receive your new passport with...