Most Popular Months to Get Married

One of the most exciting, and possibly terrifying, days in the lives of many is their wedding day. While some have been planning it since they were old enough to collect magazine clippings, not everyone knows the ins and outs of planning the big day. One common question many soon-to-be newlyweds ask is “what is the most popular month to get married?”, and they ask this question for many different reasons. Some want to avoid the most popular months in order to get a bargain deal, while others may want to know when to send out their wedding invitations to stay ahead of those being sent for that popular month. Let’s take look at the most popular months to get married!

• The most popular month to get married in is June, with 15% of all weddings in 2014 taking place. June is closely followed by October, which saw 14% of all weddings in 2014.
• With warm and sunny weather in most parts of the country from June – October, it’s no surprise then that the most popular months are in this time period. However, it is important to consider avoiding planning your wedding near a holiday, as many guests may not be able to attend.
• The most popular wedding location is still the banquet hall; however, historic buildings and farms have seen an increase in wedding activity. This may be due to many couples looking for a location that better reflects their personality and an overall increase in personalization-type features in weddings.
• Another interesting fact is that couples are now spending more money on the reception for their guests to enjoy and balance that out by having simple ceremonies.
• So, what are the least popular months to get married? With frigid winters in most of the United States, January-March qualifies as the least popular time period for weddings. However, couples looking for a bargain can normally get significant discounts during the wedding “off season” as it is known. For this reason, December has recently started seeing more weddings taking place than in previous years. December offers higher discounted rates due to scheduling conflicts that the bride and groom may have to face such as Christmas, Chanukah, and or New Year’s Eve.

Now that you know the most and least popular months to get married, you can start your wedding planning now! Once you have tied the knot, you may need a legal copy of your marriage record, if so VitalChek can help. You can easily purchase a legal copy of your marriage records quickly online.

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