Getting Married? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Marriage isn’t just a snap decision for most, and sometimes a lifetime of planning goes into some people’s special day. If you’re planning on saying “I Do” anytime soon, don’t let the sea of overwhelming knowledge get you down. A wedding can be a stressful event that can sometimes be exacerbated by the various options you’ll be facing in your endeavor. There are a few important things to know before you get married, and they aren’t all about wedding colors and dinner menus. Remember, you’re planning to spend the remainder of your life with this person, through thick and thin, ‘til death do us part, right?

Some things you should know before getting married, or, at the very least, there are some things you should discuss which can be pivotal when you finally decide to settle down with your significant other. What about kids? Do you both want them? How many do you want? Or even finances. Some people are with one another for years and haven’t had discussions about joint bank accounts, or who’s going to pay what bills, or if there are savings accounts. Facts about getting married are objective, what’s important to you may not be important to him, but what is important is finding out what those differences are. Believe it or not, some people even enter engagements while they are still legally married to another person, and some want to enter agreements like a prenuptial agreement that require proof of marriage or divorce at some point in the past. Remember too, that you’re marrying into a new family. If you don’t already live together, it might be time to familiarize yourself with each other’s idiosyncrasies and make yourself comfortable with the person who will become not just your roommate, but your spouse. Other things you should know before getting married include one another’s religious preferences, outstanding debts, and political views. While a whole lot of people are married to someone with views that are polar opposite of their own, if you haven’t had a chance to discuss these hot topics any time in your relationship, and you feel like these are stepping stones for your relationship, now is the time to find the answers to those million dollar questions.

How to have a happy marriage isn’t written in stone, and no one has a simple go to guide to keep a relationship alive and well for the years to come. The age old advice though is to keep communication wide open and ask the questions you know need to be answered. Growing old together may not include kids, or your ideas of where your dream home should be located may differ. It’s important to enter your lifelong commitment by laying out all the facts and making sure that even if you aren’t on the same page, you’ll be able to concede or at least tolerate the other person’s ideologies! If you’ve managed to find out every last detail about all the things that make your significant other the way they are, then good luck and congratulations!

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