What’s the Difference between a Divorce Record vs. Divorce Decree vs. Divorce Certificate?

Understanding the records you will need or will be provided with during and after a divorce is important for proper documentation. There are three types of divorce documents you will come into contact with – the divorce record, the divorce decree, and the divorce certificate. All three documents are used differently and may be required by other organizations for proof of separation for remarrying, for legal reasons, and more. Here are what each document is and why it may be needed:

  • Divorce certificate: this document has the least amount of information on it but is most commonly used by people. It states the two people getting divorced as well as the time and place of the divorce. These are most commonly used for change of name or remarrying purposes. Only the two people who were divorced and their attorneys may obtain a divorce certificate in most states, though you should check with your states policies to be sure.
  • Divorce Decree: This document contains the same information as a divorce certificate only it also includes information from the divorce judgment. It will include all terms of the divorces including but not limited to custody information, property divisions, and spousal support payments such as child support and alimony information. It will be signed by the judge, have the court case number, and will be included in the divorce records. The two people getting the divorce and their attorneys are the only people who may have access to this document.
  • Divorce Record: Out of all of the documents, this contains the most information. It will contain the information from both the certificate and the decree as well as every single file and report from the entire divorce process. This acts as a case file which will include every piece of information about the divorce. This document is good to keep for personal records or if one of the two people wants to challenge a decision.

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