Getting Your Vital Records In Order After a Divorce

In March 31, 2016

Going through the process of a divorce will have you fairly organized with all of the legal documents necessary to grant your divorce. However, there are actions to take after the divorce in order to get your vital records and documents reflecting your newly single status. This may mean having your name legally changed again and updating documents to reflect your new name. Instead of getting overwhelmed, here is a list of important documents to update after a divorce to help you through the transition.

  • If you are legally changing your name, you will need to find the “Name Change” document for your state online. Once you have found it, download it and fill it out. You will need to provide information on your divorce, normally found in the divorce decree, and you will then have to submit it to your county clerk’s office. You will need a divorce decree and name change documents to change your name on any forms of ID such as a driver’s license, passport, or on a bank account.
  • Update the beneficiary on your policies. This includes, but is not limited to, your life insurance plan, your retirement plan, your will, bank accounts, and medical consent forms.
  • You may need a quitclaim deed if you will be transferring property to one owner.
  • If both you and your former spouse are on one mortgage, you will need to ask your lender for the proper refinance documents so you can remove your name or your former spouses name from the mortgage.
  • You will need to update any car or homeowners insurance if it is being transferred or if you are changing your name.
  • You will also need to update employment records so you can be sure to have the right claims for dependents and marital status.

These are a few important documents and tasks you should take care of as soon as possible after your divorce has been finalized. When going through the process of changing names on documents or for important accounts, you should always keep either a confirmation document or the new document in a safe place. If you ever need the confirmation or the document itself, you then will be able to quickly find it! Once you have taken care of these main things you can start to breathe easily again.

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