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What common organizations require a copy of a death certificate?

During the upsetting time when a loved one passes, it can be hard to know what proper documentation is needed to take care of their assets. However, it is important to know which organizations will generally require a copy of the official death certificate for benefit claims and other legal actions. Take a moment to read the information below to make sure you will have the death certificate copies needed to take care of your loved ones belongings and assets.

One of the reasons death certificates became so important in the United States was for the government to collect accurate mortality data on U.S. citizens. Moving forward many different organizations have started to require a death certificate as proof of a person’s death in order to properly close accounts, claim benefits, or to settle estate claims. Many funeral homes or legal aids will help you identify what you will need a death certificate for and how many copies may be necessary; however, here are a few common organizations that generally require an official death certificate copy.

Bank Accounts- Banks will require a death certificate to do the following actions:

* Transfer an individual checking or joint account

* Transfer a savings account

* Transfer a safe deposit box

Property- Mortgage companies and other property-related organizations will need the certificate in order to:

* Transfer each title of real estate ownership

* Transfer ownership of a vehicle

Government and/or Insurance- Official death certificate copies will be needed for multiple government agencies and/or insurance companies:

* A copy for each insurance claim including funeral home costs

* Transferring or redeeming stocks, bonds, or treasury bills

* Federal and state tax returns

* Rolling over an IRA account

Having the correct amount of death certificates will help make this process a little bit less stressful. If you need government certified copies of a death certificate, VitalChek can help. Simply contact us to start your order online and let us help you with this difficult time by making obtaining these vital records easy for you and your family.


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