What Are the Next Steps When A Loved One Passes Away

When a loved one passes away it is common for people to feel like they are in a fog. This feeling can make it difficult to focus during the time immediately after someone’s passing. Trying to process the next steps to take to after a loved one’s passing can feel impossible. However, things like planning funeral arrangements or how to properly read your loved ones will need to be quickly taken care of in the time after their passing. To help you get through this tough time, here are some frequently asked questions on what the next steps are when a loved one passes away.

  • Who do I inform first? You should first inform immediate family of your loved ones passing. Once you have told all of the close family, you can next tell close friends.
  • What do I do next? You should start planning funeral arrangements. The director (s) of the funeral home you select will be able to assist you with any planning.
  • What do I do if I want to have an out of state funeral and or burial? You will have to contact a local funeral director to help make transportation arrangements for both sending and receiving. You will have to pay for both of the funeral homes that you have used.
  • What is a death certificate? This is the official document that verifies the death of an individual. You will need to provide the following information so the funeral director can properly fill out the death certificate – Full name, social security number, name of parents, mother’s maiden name, place and date of birth, name of doctor, and military service information.
  • Why do I need more than one copy of the death certificate? Many organizations will require a copy of the death certificate to take actions like, close bank accounts, claim insurance benefits, or claiming items from a bank safe-deposit box.
  • Do I have to hire a lawyer? No you are not required by law to hire a lawyer, however it is strongly suggested. A probate attorney can help with the estate, taxes, and other claims.
  • What do I do with a will? You should make a copy of it for safe keeping and then give the original to your lawyer who can help you and the people mentioned in the will work out arrangements.

We hope these next steps were helpful for you and your family. If you have any further questions about obtaining an official copy of the death certificate, contact VitalChek. As a leading provider in vital records, we can help make your ordering process easy so you can take care of your top priorities.

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