how many copies of a death certificate should I get

How to Obtain a Death Certificate

In September 19, 2013

A death certificate is a legal record of proof that someone has died and is one of life’s most important documents. A death certificate contains sensitive information about the deceased person, which in some cases can include the cause of death and whether or not an autopsy was performed.

There are many legal uses for a certified death certificate including to stop, or transfer, social security and other benefits. Families typically need copies of the death certificate in order to settle affairs of a deceased loved one, which is required for probate. The DMV generally requires a death certificate to transfer ownership of a vehicle from the deceased to a rightful heir.

When a relative passes away it is often sudden and it may occur a great distance away. It is also possible for pertinent vital records to become lost, damaged or filed away in an unknown location. Rather than traveling to personally to obtain these records, choose VitalChek to obtain official, certified copies of the death certificate.

Requesting a certificate through VitalChek is fast, safe, and secure. By simply filling out an online form on, VitalChek will submit your request to the appropriate government agency to process. In most cases, you can receive your requested certificate within about a week.

VitalChek has worked directly with hundreds of official government agencies across the nation providing secure ordering services for over 25 years. If you are in need of a death certificate, or any other government-issued vital record such as a birth certificate or marriage record, be sure to use VitalChek’s online service today.


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