10 Bizarre Facts from Famous Death Certificates

When you’re a celebrity, the expectation of privacy is limited in life. Their marriages, their jobs, homes, social lives, and of course their mess ups and wrong doings tend to become hot news items for tabloids and major news sources alike. One might think that all that attention is there for the living, but that isn’t always the case! Celebrity death certificates reveal some incredibly interesting, awkward, and sometimes bizarre things about the people we love to watch, listen to, and admire in the spotlight.

Of course celebrities aren’t the only people who pass on from this life under strange circumstances They just happen to be the ones we all like to pay the most attention to because famous death certificates interest the same fans and followers that happened to be interested in the celebrity’s life too. Some of the most famous celebrity deaths, however, occurred farther back in history then we might think!

Here are 10 bizarre facts from famous death certificates:

  1. Mark Twain, the famous Huckleberry Finn Author, was born as Halley’s Comet soared through space past earth in 1835. When he died 75 years later, there was Halley’s Comet there to take him out again in 1910.
  2. The son of Bruce Lee, Brandon, was killed on the set of The Crow. He was shooting the film when a gun that was loaded incorrectly fired and shot him.
  3. James A. Garfield, the 20th President of the United States of America died of “Doctor Malpractice.” He was shot twice, and the doctors who operated on him dug around in the entry wound with unclean hands! Ew! The infection that ensued eventually took his life, not the bullet he was originally shot with!
  4. Frank Hayes was a jockey running a Steeplechase Race at Belmont Park in 1923. He died mid race, but his horse still finished, in first!
  5. Isadora Duncan was an early 1900’s actress. In 1927, she was killed due to her long flowing scarf getting caught in the spokes of the automobile she was riding in.
  6. Sonny Bono, the other half of “Sonny and Cher” was actually killed when he ran into a tree while skiing in 1998.
  7. Steve Irwin is another bizarre and unusual celebrity death. In September of 2006, the man whose life revolved around animals was killed by a stingray who had become startled.
  8. In 1995 an up and coming Latina star, Selena, was shot by the president of her fan club.
  9. Jayne Mansfield died when she, her boyfriend, and her driver plowed into an insecticide truck on their way to an interview in New Orleans. The car also contained her three children, one of whom is Mariska Hargitay of Law and Order SVU, who were left mostly unharmed!
  10. The actress Natalie Wood (Rebel without a cause, West Side Story, Miracle on 34th street) died by drowning after unusual and suspect circumstances in 1981. She was on a boat trip over a weekend away with her husband and 2 other people. None of the other members of the party seemed to have any idea what happened to her!

While these celebrity death certificates revealed some rather interesting and unusual ways people died, they are obviously not the norm. People unfortunately pass in a multitude of ways. If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance that you are looking into a friend or relative’s death in order to find out why and for what reasons, you may need access to a loved one’s death certificate.

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