Benefits of winter youth sports

5 Health Benefits of Winter Youth Sports

In January 13, 2017

Winter means chilly weather, holiday goodies and curling up to a good movie for most people, and kids these days with modern technologies and video games are no exception. When the days get shorter and colder it can be hard to motivate yourself and your child to get out and be active. Being sedentary for too long can have a negative impact on both physical and mental well being, as well as make it that much harder for your child to get in shape for warmer weather when many popular outdoor youth sports kick off.


Remaining active during the winter months, especially for children, can help with mental health and attention, combat unwanted weight gain, insomnia, depression and many other health concerns. And what better way to prepare your child for spring sports than by participating in a winter youth sports league? So get off the couch and get going, and check out our tips below for some great ideas on both outdoor and indoor youth sports this winter!


  • Skiing and snowboarding both are popular winter sports for kids and adults. Thanks to attention for these sports on the domestic and international front at events like the Winter X Games and the Winter Olympics, winter youth sports leagues are growing in popularity and availability across the country. (at least in places where it snows). Benefits of these sports include increased agility and core strength as well as the fun and excitement of being outside, competing with friends, or making some runs down the mountain! It also makes for a great family getaway. Ready to go ski the Alps, anyone?
  • Ice hockey is another great sport that combines outdoors and indoors, as it originated outside, but due to rising popularity, indoor rinks can now be found all over the country and the world. It’s a great way for youth athletes to learn balance and leg strength, while also learning to work as part of a team. Winter youth sports leagues for ice hockey are relatively easy to find and fun to participate in!
  • What about indoor sports? Basketball and soccer are both commonly found as a part of winter youth sports leagues and have benefits similar to ice hockey when it comes to playing as a part of a team. Another added benefit is with a sport like soccer, skills learned on the indoor court can be carried over for success when outdoor youth sports pick up come spring.


This winter help your child experience the benefits of youth sports by signing them up for a school or community program. Although some winter youth sports leagues may require a birth certificate and proof of address for you to enroll your child, this is most commonly a requirement for the more competitive leagues only. If you aren’t sure which vital records to bring when you sign your child up, give the league or rec center a call before going so you can be prepared. For any birth certificate needs, you can easily order a government certified birth certificate online at


Whatever the weather, there are plenty of youth sports to keep your child active year round, and a lot of fun winter youth sport leagues – both indoor and out – to keep your child engaged and active even when the mercury drops.


  1. Sports is something that provides you with good health along with psychological health and the plus point is that it is fun.

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