Youth Winter Sports

Ready For Winter Sports Sign Ups? Here’s What You’ll Need

When it is freezing outside and all you want to do is curl up with a good book by the fire, it’s hard to think about signing your kids up to play sports. However, there are a number of winter sports available—many of which are mainly held indoors. Just like signing up for youth baseball, signing up for lacrosse, basketball, swimming, wrestling or indoor soccer will require that you furnish certain documents. Before you head out for registration, make sure you get the following items gathered up and ready to go.

  • Birth Certificate – This is a requirement of many leagues for age verification because the organizers want to make sure the athletes are grouped into the right divisions. This protects kids from dangers of playing with children that are not the same age level and assures the teams are more balanced.
  • Proof of Address – While not always a requirement, some communities will build teams or divisions based on where each child resides. If this is the case, you may need to bring a utility bill or bank statement to prove your address.
  • Physical – Some leagues require that the children undergo a sports physical before participating. Often this is required each year or so, but it can vary. Your child’s doctor will be able to provide the appropriate paperwork to meet this requirement and that your child also has proper and up-to-date vaccinations as required.
  • Registration Paperwork – In some leagues you may be able to print out the registration paperwork and bring it in ahead of time, which can save valuable time during the signup process.
  • Contact Information – You will likely need to provide your contact information as well as any additional emergency contacts for your child. This is especially important if your child has parents who do not live together. It is important that the organization knows who can and cannot pick your child up and that proper emergency contact information is provided.

While these are common documents necessary to sign up for youth sports, they can vary from one league or team to another. Call ahead or contact the league administration on Facebook, Twitter, email or by phone to find out the details. This can prevent you from having to run all over town getting things together or disappointing your child if you can’t get the needed items in time for them to play.


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