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VitalChek Processing Times Explained – VitalChek Videos

When you place your vital records order with VitalChek, there is a series of steps that take place. Through our secure, government authorized ordering process, we gather important information about you to ensure you are who you say you are. While many of the steps are completed through our secure system, once we’ve verified your identity and entitlement to the record, we turn the request over to the designated government agency for processing and shipping. VitalChek processing times may vary based on order processing times designated by the associated agency processing your order. Keep reading for helpful information about the steps involved in processing your order.

VitalChek Processing Times – Your Order from Start to Finish

Since vital records contain important information, ensuring the safety of your personal information is our top priority. Before we submit your order to the designated government agency for processing, we take the following steps: verify that you are entitled to the record

  1. VitalChek validates the information provided to ensure the person placing the order is authorized to obtain a vital record.
  2. VitalChek utilizes identification verification documents and ID’s to ensure that the person ordering the vital records is legally authorized to obtain them.
  3. VitalChek will request any additional documentation or verification information that the processing government agency may require to fulfill and process your request.
  4. Once a person’s identity is verified, and necessary documentation and information has been obtained, VitalChek submits the request to the issuing agency to fulfill the vital records request.
  5. The issuing agency then processes the request, prepares the vital document, and ships it directly to the person requesting the document. 

When ordering your vital records, VitalChek processing times may vary based on the need for additional documentation or due to the verification process. For information on ordering vital records such as birth, marriage, divorce, or death certificates, please see the VitalChek website for information.

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