Top 5 Spring Sports for Child Athletes

Spring sports are a great way for children to get outside after a stuffy day in the classroom. Some children find that sports act as an outlet for stress and their competitive edge that other activities just don’t provide. Participating in sports also teaches kids about teamwork and other important life lessons, making it a typical part of growing up. Wonder what sports are the most popular come spring time? Here are the top 5 most popular Spring sports.

  • Baseball and Softball are two of the most popular sports. Around 3 million American children between the ages of 5-18 participate in a Little League team. A few of the reasons these are so popular is because they strongly center on team bonding as well as helping young children to practice their balance and hand-eye coordination skills.
  • Soccer is another great sport for children who love to run and who are quick on their feet. While soccer may not be the most popular American past time, it is certainly popular around the world. And, it is slowly gaining more support throughout the US, especially as the US soccer team made it quite far in the 2014 World Cup.
  • Track & Field is another popular after-school sport to get involved with for a few reasons. It is good for children who may be a little more introverted, and it also offers a variety of different sports within one. If your child is good at running, they can join the long distance team, or if running isn’t their forte, they can throw the shot put. There are a lot of options within track to find a good fit for almost any child.
  • Field hockey for is another extremely popular sport. Field hockey is highly competitive but caters to both sprinters and long distance runners with their offensive and defensive positions.
  • Lacrosse is a sport that not every school may have, but it has slowly been gaining popularity across the nation. Another highly competitive sport full of action, Lacrosse is based in agility over size, making it a popular choice for many children.

If your child isn’t sure what Spring sport is right for them, talk to them about the sports on this list. You can also encourage them to try different sports to see what they like and if they don’t like one, they can always try another sport in another season. As Spring approaches, make sure your child is ready for sign-ups with an official birth certificate from VitalChek.


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