school transfer

Tips and Guidelines for Requesting a School Transfer

There are many different reasons you may be looking into requesting a school transfer for your child in middle school or high school. A common reason parents may be looking into a school transfer is the services the potential new school may offer, including better before & after school care and academic or youth sports programs. To help ensure you have the best chance of being approved for the school transfer, check out the following tips and guidelines for requesting a school transfer:

Acceptable reasons for a school transfer:

  • Before/after school care programs for parents who work and are unable to drop off/pick up their child during normal hours.
  • If a student has a sibling in the school you would like to transfer to.
  • If a student is having an exceptionally hard time adjusting in the school they are currently attending. This includes a child who may be experiencing bullying or who feels unsafe in their current school.
  • If a student has a special need that can be better met at another school
  • If a student is looking to be involved in a certain academic program offered at another school.
  • A student who attends a school in an unsafe district may also apply to a “Choice Program” in which they have a chance at being admitted to a school in a nearby but safer district.

Things to consider before a school transfer:

  • Are you transferring your child for the right reasons? Think about if a change will truly solve a problem or benefit them.
  • Are you able to make the new commute to another school district?
  • Will your child lose any credits if they transfer to a new school?
  • Will your child struggle academically if they transfer to a new school

Guidelines for Requesting a School Transfer:

  • Once you have a reason that is considered valid, you will need to call the new school you wish to have your child attend to learn about their process. Not every state, district, or school has the same exact process. You will have to ask whether or not they have an open enrollment, a lottery system to accept applications, or if your child must meet certain academic standards.
  • You will need to fill out a student transfer certificate request in the school district you wish to transfer to prior to making any changes to your child’s current school enrollment. This gives the new school district the chance to make sure your child has a valid reason to transfer. There is normally a form to fill out that must be sent to the new school districts board of education, however you may also have to write a formal letter to accompany the form. The formal letter should state the reason for the transfer.
  • Once you have received approval to make a transfer, be sure you have filled out all of the requirements to enroll in the new school. You should have a list of requirements from when you called the new school to learn about their transfer process.
  • Once everything has been approved for your child’s transfer be sure that the old school has sent transcripts and records to the new school.

Attending a new school can help many children excel in their education or extracurricular activities. Be sure you have the all of the vital records you need to provide a new school, such as your child’s birth certificate. Go online and order the vital records you need today!


  1. Hello I need to register my daughter in school but I have no address am homeless is it ok I use a

    1. Hello Lakisha. The answer to your question may vary in different school districts. We suggest you contact your local school district to determine the exact requirements for enrolling your child and what provisions are available.

    2. Hi, It is my 8th grade year in middle school and all I want to do is go to a different school with different people. In 7th grade I lost all of my friends for reasons that I don’t even know myself, they just completely cut me out of their lives but I didn’t do anything to hurt them. Anyways, I desperately want to attend a different school but my dad says I need a reason and that this is a form of bullying but the last thing I want to do is make a big deal out of everything I don’t want to have that be my reason and have to give their names and have them be punished because if I do that and I don’t get approved to transfer they would make my life at school even worse. All I want is a new beginning with new people. What do I do?

      1. Hello Mia. We’re sorry to hear you are so unhappy at school. Each school district has different criteria for transferring to a different school so you will need to work with the schools involved todetermine if you are eligible to transfer to a new school. If you stay at your current school, we suggest you discuss things with your family if possible so they can help you determine what resources are available to you at school (teachers, counselors, activities, etc.) to make you more comfortable in your current environment. We wish you the best.

  2. I really need help , is half of the year already, I feel awful. I want to go back my old school.

    1. Hello Ana. We’re sorry to hear you are missing your old school. Perhaps there is someone at your new school that you can reach out to (a favorite teacher or a counselor) for some assistance with adjusting to the new environment. We wish you luck!

  3. Is a good reason to transfer that you want to get in some clases that the other highschool Dosent?

    1. Hello Jesús. Thanks for your question. Looking to enhance one’s educational experience seems to be an excellent reason to explore the possibility of transferring to a new school.

  4. I’ve been in my school district for three years and yet, I’ve made no friends. I’ve been miserable for three years and I’m so sick of waking up in the morning and wanting to cry because I miss my old school so much and I would love to go back. I’m still friends with everyone there and I even go to the village that it’s in after school to hang out there with everyone. I need to know that there’s some way that I can get there, and how I can approach it correctly. Because I know that this is my only shot at being happy again. I’m not doing great in my current district, but I know I could be an exceptional student if I went back to my old school. Please, help me achieve my dream of going back there. I’ve never ever felt this unhappy. I’ve already written to the superintendent, giving several valid reasons, but they still rejected me saying that they don’t do out of district transfers. Is there any way I could get them to make an exception? Whether it be meeting with them or making a few phone calls. I’m willing to do anything to get back there. Please, help me

    1. Hello Nadia. We’re sorry to hear that you are struggling right now. Continue your dialogue with the school to see if they will consider an exception. In the mean time, you could seek out local or online peer groups for young people who are going through similar situations. They may be able to help you navigate the challenges you are experiencing.

  5. I registered my child for pre school then we moved can she still attend a pre school center in the new location after the registration time passed?

    1. Hello Sara. Thanks for your question. Your best course of action would be to reach out to the pre school in the new location to find out what, if any enrollment deadlines they adhere to.

  6. My son is currently a 6th grader, will be moving on to Middle school, 2017-2018. Due to afterschool care, we want to switch to a new district; where my oldest son is currently enrolled in. My home district won’t give any releases till June 2017 but I need to enroll my son in the new district before then.
    I was told by the district office that it’s their policy and that by law I can’t register my son without their release.
    How can I research what my son’s rights are. Also, he was just diagnosed with permanent hearing loss and is using hearing aids, now.

    1. Hello Jean. Sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing getting your son’s release from his current school district. Look into whether there are any parent advocacy groups in your area that could provide information and support. You might also consider contacting you local or state representative’s office for more information and guidance.

  7. Hi I am asking a rather difficult question, but I need help. I am trying to get enrolled into a different school… But it is not in the same town as I am. I am in Torrington CT, and the school I am trying to get into is in FallsVillage CT. What do I do? Do you think the accept me into the school?

    1. Hello Madeline. Thanks for reaching out to us with your question. We suggest you contact the school you wish to attend for more information on the requirements you will need to meet in order to transfer to that school. We wish you luck in this endeavor.

  8. I would like to transfer my son into another school within the same school district. All this year he has had substitutes. His teacher got hurt the beginning of the year came back for a few months and left again, now the students are told that their teacher doesn’t want to teach their class anymore but wants to teach ELA so they are having a new sub every week, and everyone of them have been horrible. The schools principal has left too at the same time. Is this enough reason to request to transfer? they refused to send him to another 6th grade class in the school , one class has less than 30 students the other one has 33 students. I’ve asked since the beginning of the year to switch him to another class, they said all the parents are asking the same thing and they told them no so the answer was no

    1. Hello Christel. We’re sorry to hear about your son’s classroom situation. Each school district has different criteria for transferring to a different school so you will need to work with your district to determine if he is eligible to transfer to a new school. If there is a school board, you may want to contact them with your concerns. We wish you luck with finding a resolution to this issue.

  9. Hi need help my sons school has requested I transfer him to a new school but they r saying there is no available spaces in near by schools so they have put him down for 3 school thats to far for me to get him there on time due to having anothet 2 children who need took to school dont no what else I can do or who I can talk to about this any advice would be appreciated thanks x

    1. Hello Rochelle. Thanks for reaching out to us. We suggest you seek out any parent advocacy groups in your area that could provide guidance as well as school board, PTA etc. You may want to contact the nearby schools yourself to see if you can make arrangements for enrolling you son. Good luck.. We hope you are able to come to a satisfactory resolution.

  10. I am from NYC. My daughter is going to kindergarten and she was accepted into a different school that my third grade daughter actually goes. How can I transfer her to the same school that my third grade daughter goes??

    1. Good morning, Andrea. We suggest you reach out to the school you wish to transfer your daughter to for more information on their transfer policy and requirements.

  11. I recently checked my child out of the school of our residence because I feel that the environment there was just not good for my child. Grades have been falling and I don’t feel like the environment is good him. I have looked into another school within our district in which they agreed to take him but our school of our residence do not want to release her. I refuse for my child to go back. What are my rights for what I feel what is in the best interest for my child as a parent?

    1. Hello Tee. We’re sorry to hear that your child’s school is not cooperating with your release request. Since educational rules and regulations may vary from area to area, we suggest you research the laws in your area. Perhaps there is a parent advocacy group you can reach out to. Also, ask administrators at the new school if there is anyone who can offer you assistance with this problem. We wish you luck in getting this resolved in a timely manner.

  12. Hello, My family has moved to great new home in the past year. Initially, we were informed that our home and property were within one school district, later we found out it is actually in a different school district ( we are located on the border of the two). My daughter will be beginning kindergarten next year (she is currently to preschool at a private school and my husband and myself will also have foster children in our home. My concern with the latter school district is that is lacking severely in minorities and educational programs that my foster children may need. Due to the school district’s lack of diversity, especially for Black/African American students, there is a large degree of racial ignorance that has been exhibited in the past, and present from attendees of the school and within the town itself. I’m all for pioneering positive social change but I feel like my daughter is a little too young be a pioneer so to speak. I also worry about my future foster children, some of whom may be white (non-Hispanic) being further stigmatized for having foster parents who are Black/African Americans. My Husband and I believe it is critical, especially in early childhood to foster in children positive self image, self confidence,
    and self love. I do not want to have such things tested at such an earlier age or negated. Do you think It would be feasible for me to
    request a transfer of school districts on those grounds? Especially, since my daughter has not been in grade school yet? I haven’t been able to contact the school district I wish to transfer to yet due to school being out for Spring Break.

    1. Hello La’Shundra. Thanks for reaching out to us. Each school district may have different guidelines for admitting transfer students or in your case a new student from outside the district. We suggest you contact the preferred school district when they come back from spring break to find out what requirements they may have for your daughter to be enrolled there. We wish you luck.

  13. Hi. We moved to a new school district on sep
    1, 2016. My son has an IEP as he is severe adhd
    He is not thriving in this new school.
    He hates the school does not have any friends
    And is still really stuggling. As I also feel the school
    Is not going by everything that is in his iep.
    Teachers r saying he doesn’t do his homework when I know he does
    As I have to help him with it. Please help I am at the end of my rope.
    Is this a good enough reason to get a transfer to another school in the same district

    1. Hello and thanks for reaching out to us with your questions. We’re sorry to hear that your son is struggling in his current school environment. Since the guidelines for transferring may vary from district to district, we suggest you contact the schools involved to determine whether your son would meet the necessary requirements for a transfer. We wish you the best.

  14. I used to go to Westbury Highschool, but my family and I moved away. I had to transfer to another school named Jack Yates Highschool. Unfortunately, I completely dislike the new school. I come from a hispanic culture and at my new school it is made up mostly of black people. I don’t dislike people, but the missing variety of culture at my new school makes me feel unsettled. I missed my old friends and teachers at my old school. I have been feeling down ever since. One the first day right afterschool I was called a, “sweat ass bitch” by a group of 3 black people, I was also told, “I was ugly as f**k” by the group. I do not know if the group attended they school or not. I do know I no longer feel safe in the school and would like to transfer back. Is this possible?

    1. Hello Christian. We’re sorry to hear you are so unhappy and uncomfortable in your new school. Different school districts may have different requirements to allow a student to transfer. We suggest you contact both schools involved to determine what their requirements are and whether you are eligible to transfer back to your old school. We wish you luck.

  15. Hi I was wondering if transferring to a school that provides an elective (animation) that my current school doesn’t have is a good enough reason, it’s something I’m taking very seriously and would love to pursue, my current school only offers “chosen electives” which is either stage tech or drama. I’m taking summer classes with calarts for animation and hope that is enough to distinguish my request. I also am taking an APUSH class where our teacher left mid-semester and we where basically teaching ourselves for a better chunk of the URL I maybe mention also that I’d like a more reliable school system since we’ve fallen so far behind because of it?

    1. Hello Angel. Thanks for reaching out with your question about transferring schools. We suggest you explain your situation to the schools involved so that they can offer you guidance in seeking a transfer.

      1. Thank you!

  16. Hi, I was wondering if their was a way to transfer my daughter to a different high school, this is her 1st year and she was a cheerleader, during one of the basketball games she had an accident and ever since that day she hasn’t been wanting to attend school she tells me she’s very scared and feels unsafe at her school. I am currently trying to transfer her to a different school but we don’t live in that district. Is their any possible chance of my daughter getting accepted?

    1. Hello Mary. Thanks for reaching out to us with your questions. We’re sorry to hear that your daughter is struggling in her current school environment since her accident. Since the guidelines for transferring may vary from district to district, we suggest you contact the schools involved to determine whether your daughter would meet the necessary requirements for a transfer. We wish you all the best.

  17. So next year I’m going to The Edison but I don’t want to because I don’t know anybody that is going there and also My friends are going to the Timilty and I want to go there because I need them I lot in my life and that is why I want to go there How can I do change before school starts because I’m going to 6th grade

    1. Hello Rony. We sympathize with your concerns about starting school in the fall at one location while many of your friends are going elsewhere. This article lists many of the criteria that may be valid reasons for changing schools but each school district may have their own set of rules governing transfers. We suggest you discuss your concerns with your family so they can assist with finding the solution that is best for you. We wish you the best.

  18. Hi I’m Annie, I need to transfer my 9 year old child to another school this month because where she stay now she is suffering and they sometimes tell her not to go to school she must clean n fetch water, so I’m a working mum I go and see her every after 2 weeks, can I do that?

    1. Hello Annie. Different school districts may have different requirements to allow a student to transfer. We suggest you contact the schools involved to determine what requirements must be met in order for a student to obtain a transfer. We wish you luck.

  19. Hello I’m in miam dade district and I am as if now a fresh man and the school I’m trying to attend is Alonzo and Tracy mourning high and my home school is north Miami Beach high and I’m deciding to transfer because in my opinion any thing could happen they let people that are not even their students to enter the school and do as they please the staff is rude today a girl came to get her immunization form or something related to that and she over paid and left I over heard a staff member say you didn’t give her the change then another was like it’s just a donation they are immature and finally at the school I want to transfer to jas so many different choices of sports and class opportunities and I fit in so well ..would that be a good reason to transfer

    1. Hello Manai. It’s only natural that you would want to have a comfortable school environment that offers you a vast array of opportunities. We suggest you contact the school you wish to attend for more information on the requirements you will need to meet in order to transfer to that school. We wish you luck in this endeavor.

  20. Hi…my son is about to start 3rd grade in NY in Sept..but we now have to move to Texas for my husband’s job…what do I need to transfer him?

    1. Hello Nicki and thanks for your question. Your best course of action will be to contact the school that your son will be transferring to in Texas and find out what records, etc. they require and then coordinate with his current school to get the necessary information. Please note that his new school may require a certified copy of his birth certificate so be sure you have one available ahead of time.

  21. Hello Larissa,

    Time is of the essence, so your prompt thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Our situation doesn’t appear to be unique, but we can’t find any answers online. Our oldest child just graduated from one of the top ranked Middle Schools in the state and will be attending one of the top ranked High Schools. Due to district gerrymandering, our younger child, who will be moving to middle school next year, is now zoned to a different middle school. We wish for our younger child to attend to same middle school as your older child did, for a couple reasons:

    1. She was bullied by several students in her elementary and the bullies will be attending the newly zoned middle school. Thus, our younger child is frightened of running into them, and doesn’t want to attend the new middle school.
    2. We really liked the middle school our 1st child attended as it is so highly ranked, and wish for our younger child to attend there as well.

    We make a transfer request with the district, but it was denied due to over crowding (many people are moving to the area to get their children into the school).

    The school district has two options at this point:

    1. We can submit a written petition citing our reasons for requesting transfer; or;
    2. We can scheduled a 3 minute in person verbal “Objection”.

    So my question is, in your experience, would the written petition, or in person “Objection” be more effective? Any additional thoughts would be helpful.

    Thank you for your thoughts.

    1. Hello Jerry. Thanks for reaching out with your question. Each school district may have different guidelines for accepting or denying transfer students. Unfortunately, this is a decision you will have to make based on what you are most comfortable with…are you more comfortable putting your arguments down on paper or presenting them in person? Regardless of which option you choose, it may be a good idea to think everything through and write it down as if you were presenting the written petition. Then, should you choose to present your arguments in person, you will have all your thoughts organized. We wish you luck in reaching your desired outcome.

  22. I went to a school in the Temecula district for my freshman year of highschool, at the end of it my school said that I didn’t belong in their district and I needed a district transfer if I wished to stay. According to where I live I belong in perris school district but I have no desire to go there. I do poorly in schools I don’t like, which has been a problem before. My mom went to get a district transfer but they said that they won’t release me because they want the money of me being a student at their school. I’d rather homeschool than go to their district but I wish I could go to my old school. What do I do?

    1. Hello Yaryna. We’re sorry to hear you are having to transfer schools. It sounds like you have pursued the proper channels with regards to staying at your current school with no success. I can only suggest that you keep an open mind and seek out someone such as a guidance counselor at your new school who can help make the transition easier for you. My family moved across town shortly before I started high school. I, too, had no desire to go to my new school, all my friends from grade school were going elsewhere and I was most unhappy. Fortunately, I connected with some good people at my new school who helped make the transition smoother. Once school started, I got involved in a few activities, made some friends and concentrated on doing the best I could with my classes. I hope you can do the same. Best wishes.

  23. Hello

    My daughter used to attend a school near her dads residence as we used to alternate her every other week, he is in the military and has been stationed in another state and now I have full custody of my child and she is woth me every day. We are in the same district but I live about 30 minutes away from where he used to live. I want to transfer her to the school near us, as that other school was not a good environment for her. Do you know what are the requirements to transfer a child to another school within the same district? Since she lives with me, she will need to attend that school.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Sophie. Thanks for reaching out with your question. Each school district establishes it guidelines for accepting transfer students. We suggest you contact the school you wish to transfer your daughter to for more information on the requirements/documentation they require. We wish you luck in this endeavor.

  24. I enrolled my kid in a new school, but I immediately regretted it but I’m not sure how to get back. He is going to a school that is not his neighborhood school, but he wants to go back to his neighborhood school. He is having emotional problems which he has never experienced, and he wants to go back as quick as possible. Any advice?

    1. Hello Gavin. Thanks for reaching out with your question. We’re sorry to hear that your son is unhappy at his new school. You may want to explain the situation to officials at both schools to see if it is possible for him to transfer back to his old neighborhood school. If this is not possible, you may want to seek the assistance of a school counselor who can help him adjust to the new environment. We wish you the best.

  25. Hi . how are you? I need to know ahat i can
    do for Transfer my daugther to anothere
    school she was sexual abuse went
    she was 5. So The district did not accept the
    for that abuse she feels uncomfortable
    seeing some studients the potions and the
    way kissing in school.
    I think that will affect her emotionally.
    And I think that will give priority to my
    daugther. But i dont know what to do.

    1. Hello. We’re sorry to hear about your daughter’s situation. Each school district may have different rules governing the transfer of students. We suggest you contact both your daughter’s current school and the school you wish for her to attend to determine what steps need to be taken next. We wish you the best.

  26. I’m currently a freshman at an all girls catholic highschool and want to switch to another school at the end of the the semester. The girls are really mean because there are no guys and I’m having trouble being accepted for who I am there. I want to transfer to a school that isn’t our neighborhood school but super close. My neighborhood school is a bad school and I want to go to the other school but it’s in a different district boundary (still same school district). Is there anyway for me to go to the other school next semester?

    1. Hello Emma. We’re sorry to hear you are unhappy at your current school. Each school district may have different requirements for transferring students. We suggest you and your family contact the schools involved to determine if a transfer is possible and what the requirements would be.

  27. Hello, I go to this new school that is partner’s with my former school. The athletic and after school programs are the same. For example, if you were in Choir for my new school then you would have to attend choir practice at the old school. The problem that I am having is that I am a part of the Soccer team and I am always late to games and practices because of the traveling between schools. I really want to transfer back to my old school…. What do I do?

    1. Hello Ibrahima. Thanks for reaching out with your question. We suggest you and your family contact the schools involved to determine if a transfer back to the old school is possible and what the requirements would be.

  28. Hi! We’re moving to a total different city/district. My daughter is a 6th grader amd is going to Middle School over there. I called her new school to ask them what i needed to register my child there. They said they’re not accepting anyone in anymore. My child can’t be without school once i release her from her old school.. What can i do or Where do i call?

    1. Hello Tania. Sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing with getting your child transferred to the school in your new city. We can only suggest you arrange a meeting with the administrators at the new school to find out how you can get your child enrolled since you are moving to the area. Sorry we can’t be of more assistance. We hope you get this resolved quickly.

  29. Currently I am trying to transfer my son to my daughter secondary school,
    we have fill up the form and submitted to school general office ,
    when we call to check the status , their never check the name of applicant but the same answer is no vancancy.
    Pls advise any other step can request for trf school ?


    1. Hello May. Thanks for reaching out with your question. We suggest you contact the new school directly to find out what if anything you can do to get your child’s transfer approved.

  30. Hi I’m in 9th grade and I go to a charter school. Before our school moved to a different location my school was really good. There were more opportunities to have more clubs and extra electives. Now they aren’t any clubs at the new location, and 5 electives. The sports program has gone down since our athletic director got a new job. My home school is a bad school. The school I want to go to is in the same district and I’m the same distance away that I am from my home school. I live 7 minutes away from both schools. Is it to late to start applying now? I will be going to 10th grade next year. I’ve also had trouble making friends at this school. There is a club at HRHS that helps you with making friends for new students.

    1. Hello. Thanks for reaching out with your questions. We suggest you have a conversation with your family about your desire to transfer schools and perhaps contact the schools involved to determine if it is possible and under what circumstances.

  31. I would like to transfer schools because my school is not really meeting the requirements I would expect for an 8th grade curriculum. I feel as though I’m not learning enough since the teacher is yelling every second at the majority of students that do not care for their education. Plus I feel like the teachers aren’t caring enough to teach well.. My friend is moving and I woukd like to go to her school with her. How can I do this mid year and persuade the school to let me learn there?

    1. Hello Chelsea. Thanks for reaching out with your question. You may want to reach out to school officials to find out if a transfer is feasible and what requirements you would need to meet.

  32. Larissa, I would like to transfer schools because I am very unhappy with my current school. I also have connections to the
    new school and the principal through family and friends and basketball, and have enjoyed my time the times I have visited the school (none
    for transer reasons). I really don’t know how to get the transfer process started, and thought you might have an idea how. It is
    currently January and want to transfer for the next year. What should I do?

  33. Somehow I forgot to add a terrible part, the school I want to attend is 20 minutes away. I would be able to drive there every
    day with no problems, but would transfering be not allowed in this situation, since I am NOT moving homes?

    1. Hello Matthew. Thanks for reaching out with your questions regarding transferring schools. Each school may have different requirements that a student may have to meet in order to transfer. We suggest you contact the two schools involved to find out more information about the requirements to successfully transfer from on to the other.

  34. Hello, my younger brother is studying is 9th grade div -F, he wants to change his division .What valid reason(s) can I give for the same? Thanks

    1. Hello Omkar. You will need to contact the schools involved to determine what criteria need to be met to warrant the change.

  35. Hi,
    My son in an elementary school, he is in this public in his 2nd year. (last year he was in kindergarten and he is in 1st grade now).
    He is a very happy child, he had a great year last year, this year his teacher put him under her spotlight (apparently because I
    am the mom who came from different background, different skin) and the teacher just doesn’t like my son, whatever he does he
    is in trouble, if other kids do the same, they are fine, I get calls very often from school and its really effecting my son by treating him
    unjust and he became very different boy and effected emotionally and he became more upset and effecting us too, thinking what
    will be today….everyday there is something and we don’t want this to ruin his life and his academic future. ..
    Can we transfer him to a another school in the area because he became unhappy and because of unfair and unequal treatment?
    Many thanks,


    1. Hello Ghada. We’re sorry to hear about your son’s situation at school. You may want to contact the school officials and set up a meeting to discuss the situation and determine what course of action is best for your son and get answers to some questions…Can you work with the teacher? Can he move to a different class with a different teacher? Is transferring to a different school and option? What requirements would need to be met? We wish you the best and hope you find a beneficial solution.

  36. My daughter will be attending kindergarten this year. I am trying to find out if she would be able to go to a different school nearby her current daycare. It is the same county but the school that I would like to place her in isn’t the school zoned for my home address. I know it would be better for her to attend this school because I would also be able to pick her up in time for after care. If she attends the school that is zoned with our address, there’s no way possible for me to pick her up in time. What can I do to have her assigned to the school nearby the daycare that she attends now?

    1. Hello Jan. Schools may have different guidelines for student transfers across district lines. We suggest you contact the schools involved to determine if it will be possible to get your daughter enrolled in the school of your choice.

  37. Hi Larissa,

    Thank you very much for your quick response. Both me and my husband followed the book as they said. We met with his
    teacher twice, then with the principal and the principal assistant and actually we requested transfer him to a different class
    within the same school, but the request got rejected and said never done this ever bofore. ……….We finally went to the public school admin office and filled out COSA. But, in case we will not get approved and/or maybe the current school contact the other school… what will be our options? If we have to move our apartment, we will if that will be necessary in order for him to go to a different school. We don’t feel he will be safe there. Also, do you advise us to consult an attorney?
    Thank you very much again,

    1. Hello Ghada. Unfortunately I do not have answers for your questions. As you suggested, you may want to seek legal advice to determine what options you may have other than moving to a new school district. I wish you the best in finding a resolution.

  38. Thank you very much again and will let you know what will happen

  39. Hi, I’m a junior in high school and I requested a inter-school district transfer to a school that I was enrolled to previously, but my
    current school denied it for some reason, I very much struggle in this school although I was an honor roll student ever there, what do I do?

    1. Hello Peyton. We are sorry to hear you are struggling in school. You may want to reach out to your teachers or counselor for some guidance so you can become more comfortable at your current school.

  40. Hi I have 6 kids 5 which go to school all of them go to different schools. One is in middle school the others are all in elementary but all 3 in different school while one goes to a school I don’t like at all. The other day I was late picking my kids up because my mother in law had to use my car and got home a little late but when I picked one of daughter’s up her principal told me that I better not be late again or else she was gonna call the cops and dss on me because of it. I found is extremely rude and don’t want her going there any longer. What can I do? Is that a reason they would transfer. I mean I’m being threatened by this lady and it’s the second time she’s talked to me like that. I don’t wanna make a big deal but I don’t want her going there anymore as well.

    1. Hi Nicole. Sorry to hear about your situation. Each school district may have different requirements for the transferring of students so you will more than likely need to meet with the schools involved to discuss your options.

  41. Hello, I’m a sophomore in high school and the school that i’m currently in is not a good school. they even push up courses into higher grades just because other students fail each year in the regents. however, I applied for this private school in nyc but i unfortunately didn’t get accepted so i went researching for other great public schools and its in the same county that I’m in but in a different town. so the reason that i want to go to that school is because the school that i’m in, “sucks” lol will the board of education most likely will give permission for me to transfer? or no?

    1. Hello Shyanne. We’re sorry to hear that you are unhappy at your school. There are a number of factors that go into determining whether a student transfer request will be approved and requirements can vary from school to school so there is no way for us to give you a definitive answer. If you are serious about changing schools, you will need to present your case to the appropriate people. We wish you the best!

  42. I am moving from Georgia to California and read the state has an open enrollment policy. I have inquired about the process and have been told that the chances are slim as the school I would like my son to attend is pretty popular and so fourth. My issue is that the school within our district has a terrible rating (online) I am relaying on online research as I am still currently living in GA. My son will begin kindergarden and I just want the very best for his education but the application states several reasons that do no apply to my reason. I have been advised to write a letter which I am fine with BUT this letter will be read by the district I am looking to be released from. I don’t want to be offensive when stating the reason for my request is because the school has a 4/10 rating. I don’t know what to do and I am totally stressed out about it. My son has been in some great programs in the past and I just want to continue what was started. Education is everything. Please advise.

    1. Hello Lauren. You have a tough decision to make but it sounds like you want to do what is best for your child. Keep that in mind and perhaps you won’t worry so much about offending the people at the school. Good luck with your move and your son’s enrollment.

  43. Hello, im a freshman and I have to move from a block school to a tradtional school. It’s almost march now. Ive already taken math, english, and science the first semester. I have spanish and art all year. For the second semester I have choir, Social studies (one quarter)/ economics (one quarter), and entrepenuership. Will i lose my credits for the second semester if i were to attend a traditional schedule school at this time in the year? How would my schedule even work out? also the school ill be moving to is in another state, Ive gone to that school district ever since 5th grade, but i had to move my freshman year. Now I’m coming back because of major family issues

    1. Hello Taylor. We suggest you reach out to a guidance counselor for help determining the status of your second semester credits should you switch schools at this point.

  44. Hi I transferred to a new school that has an ok Jrotc program and Band program but my precious school had better programs. Would that be a probable cause to get an out of district transfer?

    1. Hello Aiyana. Each school district may have different policies regarding transfers so your best course of action would be to contact the school involved for more information.

  45. Is there any options if the school decides to refuse the release of your child? Any info would be appreciated…

  46. Hi, me and my family are moving to the USA (L.A) and was looking at some schools options.
    We still not sure the exact district we will leave at (Only the area) and anyway, we assume it will be temporary apartment (rent) for a year.
    What should i do in such case, when i want to register my two kids (starting 5th grade) into a specific school before deciding on apartment?


    1. Hello Eyal. You may want to contact the school involved to find out their registration requirements and deadlines.

  47. Hello. I have a quick question. I have been thinking about attending a school since September and applied but ended up finding out that I need to live in the area. The school could just simply allow me to attend their school but I need to coke up with good reasons to allow me to attend. I have reasons, but I don’t know what to say for them to allow me to attend their school.

    1. Hello Sam. It is possible the school can provide you with a list of requirements that you would need to meet in order to be enrolled while living outside of their district. You may want to contact them and explain your reasons for wanting to attend.

  48. Hello, my daughter will “hopefully” be starting Pre-k this upcoming fall and I was wondering, if I have her go to the neighborhood school for Pre-k and then I want to transfer her to a better K-6 elementary school still within our district because of the horrible test grades/ranking of the neighborhood school; is that a legitimate reason for wanting to send her to a different school?

    1. Hello Lizbeth. Each school district may set its own guidelines for accepting transfer students. We suggest you contact the schools involved for more information on their guidelines.

  49. Hello, today is the last day of school. And they recently announced that they are splitting the school boundaries due to overcrowding. So now my children are having to go all the way across town to a whole new school the following school year. There school is only 3 blocks away, with me having anxiety and panic attacks it would be completely hard to get to my children. Now I was told to email the superintendent and mentioned these things as well, and to be unique .Do you recommend anything that i should say or mention to the superintendent that can help with my situation? Thanks.

    1. Hello Natalie. Just be honest and express your concerns as you noted in your post. If you are being treated for your anxiety and panic attacks, you might consider asking your doctor for a reference letter of sorts, validating why it would be a better situation for you and the children if they remained at the school that is close to home. Best wishes.

  50. I’m switch from online school to a regular high school and was wondering that when I enroll online to go to my new high school and I upload my transcript will they contact my old school at anytime ?

    1. Hello Mackeyla. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing whether the new school will contact your old school.

  51. Sending love and light to all of the children reaching out who are unhappy. Every situation is temporary. Keep fighting and remember that happiness always lives within you. The best and most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. Good Luck in school and best wishes for a more successful and happier you!

  52. My daughter’s match is too far and not the safest environment. It would take her 1 hour to get to school as opposed to 20 mins. We need better options when applying to middle schools. Schools can’t only accept children in their district when kids from other districts qualify for attendance in G&T programs. Especially when the kids live within walking distance from the school.

  53. i requested a zone variance for a school im not zoned for and my reasoning was that i had a hard time learning there and i didn’t feel safe, it was around March, my zone variance got denied but i don’t know why. is it because it was probably 3 or 4th quarter or could it have been other reasons?

    1. Hello Paola. We’re sorry to hear that your request got denied. For answers to your questions, you will need to contact the school involved.

  54. Hello,i’m a 11th grade student ,i live in the Bronx .un my high school there is no sports team like basketball or volley ball and this is the reason why i wanna get a transfer ,would the DOE lemme change ?

    1. Hello Aurelie. There is no way of telling whether they will let you transfer or not. You may want to get in touch with the schools involved to find out what criteria you need to meet to transfer. We wish you the best.

  55. Hello my name is Yoselin I’m from mcallen,tx and I’m involved in daca so I’m just a resident in Texas and well my mom kicked my out of my house I’m barely 17 and I guess I’m living my own life now but my boyfriend is supporting me so we’re moving to California and well we’re starting our life there with his family and well I wanted to go to a school in California what do I need to go to that school in California ??

    1. Hello Yoselin. You will need to contact the appropriate school district in California to determine what documentation you will need to provide to enroll in classes.

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