Kids playing Summer Sports

Spring is Here, Summer is Near: Plan Your Child’s Summer Sports Schedule

Summer is quickly approaching and making sure that your child is ready for summertime fun takes some planning. During the summer months there are sports programs offered through communities, townships, camps, and private programs. The one thing they all have in common is that they will generally require your child have proper documentation to show proof of age and, in some cases, an in-district address. Take the time now to start planning out your child’s summer sports schedule and to talk about which sports your child would like to participate in this year. Here are a few popular summer sports to consider:

  • Tennis is a popular summertime sport for both boys and girls, and can be played on a team or individually. It can help with hand-eye coordination and is great for children who enjoy a ‘quick on their feet’ type of activity.
  • Swimming is another great sport that goes hand in hand with summertime! Your child may be able to join a swim team that swims in pools, lakes, or both depending on what environment makes them most comfortable. There are so many swimming techniques for your child to choose from that they will never be bored and will enjoy the fun throughout the season. Swim team can also continue through the school year, making it a fun sport that doesn’t have to end when school starts.
  • Sports summer camps are also popular and offer the typical sports you would find throughout the school year like soccer, field hockey, basketball and more! They tend to be longer events and may include more social activities in parallel with the game practice. Sports summer camps are great for the social butterfly and the busy parent alike!

Find out about your towns’ summer sports programs by talking to your town hall or community center. You should also make sure that you have your child’s birth certificate so you don’t run into any problems with sign-ups. Go to to order your child’s vital records before it’s too late for summer sport sign-ups!


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