Spring Sports Sign-Ups

Signing Up For Spring Sports – What Your Child Will Need

Spring is right around the corner and if you have children you know what that means, Spring sports! Life may get a little hectic between work, dropping Katie off at soccer and making sure Jeff gets to baseball practice on the other side of town. However, it all pays off when you see the smile on your child’s face when they finally get that big win. Since sign-ups will be starting soon for sports, this is the time to make sure your children have the records they need to sign-up and play. Here is a Spring sports necessities checklist so you will be ready come sign-up time!

  • Physical documentation. Your child will be required to show that they are healthy enough to play the sport they wish to participate in this Spring. Depending on the school or league involved, a doctor may be provided on a specified day for these, but normally it requires a visit to your family doctor.
  • Proof of age. A sports league requires proof of your child’s age to make sure they are signed up to participate in the proper division of their respective sport. An acceptable proof of age is an official birth certificate.
  • Proof of address. A sports league will also require proof of address; some leagues may even give a discount for being in-district. In some cases your child may only be allowed to play if they live in a certain district zone.
  • Release forms. Check online to see if your school or league has their release forms and waivers available. If you can print them out and complete them ahead of time, it will help make the sign-up process faster once you arrive.
  • Sports gear. Take the kids out for a sports equipment shopping trip! You want to make sure they have the right gear needed to stay safe and stylish on the field and going a little early means you won’t have trouble finding your child’s size in clothing, shoes, or protective gear.

Be sure to visit your league’s website to find the Spring sports sign-ups dates so you have enough time to prepare. If you need a government certified official birth certificate, VitalChek can help! Simply go online and place an order for your child’s birth certificate and let us take care of the rest.

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