School and Sports Registration for Children – What You Need to Know

The summer months may be in full swing but the school year is right around the corner. For parents, this means it is time to start organizing vital records for the different school activities your child will be participating in during the upcoming school year. Vital records such as birth certificates and or medical records are required for sports sign-ups, field trips, clubs, etc. Many schools are becoming increasingly more stringent on their proof of age, identity, and residency documents. They are enforcing these rules for many good reasons, including keeping children safe!

Every parent wants their child to achieve their dreams. This is why so many parents make sacrifices to hire tutors, consider the best school districts when moving, and tell their children they can be anything they want to be when they grow up. This is also a big part of the reason why schools had to start keeping better documentation of a child’s age during sports sign-ups. For years, sports players have been able to get away with falsifying birth certificates to get a competitive edge against other players. By pretending to be a year or two younger, these athletes have a huge benefit over other competitors. They would have had a year or more worth of time to devote to practicing, game time experience, and muscle development – giving them an unfair advantage over their younger teammates and competitors. Other players have lied about being younger to continue to play at a certain level or to make it into a draft. In the long run, this means that these players would also have a better shot at making varsity, All-League, All-State, and getting athletic scholarships that could lead to major league contracts. This is the reason why photo copies and or reproductions of official birth certificate are not accepted for a majority of school sports sign-ups. To avoid any school sports registration headaches, it is strongly recommended to have a government-issued birth certificate as proof of age and identity.

Wondering if you know of any professional athletes who may have fibbed about their age? Here are a few that may sound familiar:

  • Tanguy Ngombo – A professional basketball player who has records showing his age at both 27 and 22. He lied about his age to be part of the NBA Draft.
  • Rafael Furcal – St. Louis Cardinals pitcher who said he was 19 when he was really 22.
  • Miguel Tejada – Professional baseball player signed to the Oakland Athletics in 1993 who claimed to be 17 when he was really 19.
  • Dong Fangxiao – During the Olympic Games, Chinese gymnast Dong Fangxiao claimed she was of age or 16 years old when she was really 13-14 years old during competition. Later, the Olympic committee stripped her of her medals.

This sports season, make sure you are ready to register your child with proper documentation of their age and identity. VitalChek can help you quickly obtain government-issued birth certificates that will be accepted during registration. Contact us to learn more about our online ordering process.

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